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RCT Station News Archive - May 2002

On this page, you'll find the news in which was on the site during May of 2002.  Links and images that may be listed below may not work due to maintenance to the site since the posting of the news.

Saved Games
Posted Friday, May 31, 2002 by Red Phoenix

Today I've made a very big update to the LL saved games section. You'll find 31 new parks in there. You can click on almost any page and find a new park...they're everywhere.
RCT Gold Ships
Posted Friday, May 31, 2002 by Red Phoenix

In case you missed it, RCT Gold shipped the other day to stores. RCT Gold is a bundled pack with the original RCT title, plus the two expansion packs. You can go ahead and order RCT Gold by clicking the RCT Gold graphic on the right-hand side of the site.
New Parks
Posted Thursday, May 30, 2002 by Red Phoenix

There are four new parks from Robert Stelling online for you to check out. Let him know what you think of them!
Scan For Virii
Posted Thursday, May 30, 2002 by Red Phoenix

Seems as though every other month I have to post something like this. I guess it's because people don't pay attention to things as much as they should.

There's a "new" virus that's running rampant. It's called 'Klez', and as usual, it's a mass mailer worm. Please drop by SARC for more information on the worm and even a removal tool. It's very important to make sure your PC is virus-free.

One out of every two emails I receive has Klez attached, so do please scan your PC and remove the worm if you happen to have it.
New Media
Posted Tuesday, May 28, 2002 by Red Phoenix

Now that E3 has passed, I was able to obtain some new screenshots from Infogrames. I've replaced the 13 smaller, old screenshots with 17 larger (800x600) screenshots.

You can view them here.
Contest Deadline
Posted Monday, May 27, 2002 by Red Phoenix

The May contest is just about up. All entries are to be sent in by midnight May 28 EST (Tuesday night, so there is no confusion). Hurry up if you intend to enter the contest.
Black Thorn Review
Posted Sunday, May 26, 2002 by Red Phoenix

The latest review for Ogre's Network is online. Stop by and check out the review of Rogue Spear: Black Thorn.
Site Links
Posted Sunday, May 26, 2002 by Red Phoenix

It's time once again to clean out the site links section. I'll be removing any dead links and adding any new links. If you want your coaster or RCT-related site on the links page, email me the link!
Scenarios Note
Posted Sunday, May 26, 2002 by Red Phoenix

Please note that when submitting scenarios, they should be sent to me from now on. Also, some of you may have noticed problems with downloading the scenarios, which were added on Saturday. I've fixed the problem with most of them. If you come across another problem there, let me know.
Community News
Posted Sunday, May 26, 2002 by Red Phoenix

RCT South has opened up last week. They're looking for new members for their forums.

Tycoon Plaza has opened up. They used to be known as Craggsrct.com

RCT Renegades is looking for forum members.

RCT Market has installed shoutBox due to their forum problems.

Carrie's RCT Park has been re-opened. They have some information on RCT and RCT 2. They're looking for submissions.

RCTDB has the following message: RCTDB was upoaded for its grand opening on May 20th. But due to problems with freewebz's servers, the site would be down for about 38% of the day (according to them). I strive to have a free, bannerless, and popup free website. Therefor, the site will be inaccesable until I find a free service with no banners or popups on it. If anyone knows of a service or can give us a subdomain or space on their server, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at rctdbfiles@hotmail.com.

RCT2 - Unofficial has added an interview with Jacko. They're also looking for new forum members.

Chocobogo's RCT has a new site design. They're also looking for submissions.

RCT Depot is seeking submissions. The webmaster's PC was infected by a virus, and they apparently lost a lot of data, so give them a hand.

RCT Inc has been working on an RCT 2 section (like everyone else), and they have a new interview with me posted.

Tycoon Resource has added a few new coasters and parks to their database.
New scenarios added
Posted Friday, May 24, 2002 by BLÀde

Whoah long time no see huh?

  • Peaceful glen
  • Mars beach
  • Smallville
  • Jurassic park
  • Star wars
  • Racetrack
  • Glerwood city
  • Park place
  • Jurassic adventure
  • Feng fai gardens
  • .
    RCT II @ E3 Resources
    Posted Friday, May 24, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Everyone is trying to get as much information possible about RCT II, which is to be expected. Below are a few resources to offer more information on RCT II.

    http://www.us.infogrames.com/e3/index.php?title=Roller Coaster Tycoon 2&euro=
    Real Parks
    Posted Friday, May 24, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    There are two new real park recreations available for download. I'm slowly widdling down the recreation submissions.
    RCT II Information
    Posted Wednesday, May 22, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    I've just added a page with some RCT II game information. There are also over a dozen screenshots. They're not of the greatest quality, but it's better than nothing at this point.

    I'll add more information and media as it becomes available.
    Track Pack
    Posted Wednesday, May 22, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Steve Franks' latest recreation is now online. Check out his recreation of BGW's Big Bad Wolf.
    RCT Survivor III Voting Started
    Posted Tuesday, May 21, 2002 by Rob Tonto

    RCT Survivor III

    Voting for RCT Survivor III has started!

    Click Here to download the 2 tribal parks.

    Click Here to participate in the voting process.
    ATTN Survivor III Contestants
    Posted Monday, May 20, 2002 by Rob Tonto

    If you participated in Survivor III, EMAIL me with your forum name and coaster name.
    Once again, EMAIL, DO NOT post it here.
    The sooner you email me, the sooner the voting starts.

    Posted Sunday, May 19, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Boomer, from rct:2 has just done an interview with me, and it's just been posted. Stop by and check it out.
    Community News
    Posted Sunday, May 19, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    RCT-Cp is looking for submissions.

    RCT Haven is looking into getting a new host, due to Angelfire lowering the disk space allowance. They do have RCT Man's Holiday World Recreation up for download.

    RCT2 - Unofficial is looking for people to sign up for their forums.

    BobAllie.com is down for a redesign. They're looking for submissions - send them to info@boballie.com.

    Rob's RCT Center has launched with a new design, which looks much better.

    RCT Speed's downloads are currently down. When they're back, there will be much more there. Also, visit their forums.

    Smash Amusements is looking for a new Oasis designer; they're also looking for more submissions.

    Tycoon Planet is looking for new staff members. Fill out their staff application form if you're interested.

    Tycoon Resource has added a few parks and coasters.
    Posted Saturday, May 18, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    The tracks section is back online, finally.
    New Poll
    Posted Friday, May 17, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    With RCT II coming out later this year, plus screenshots coming out VERY soon, we were curious as to what you're most looking forward to in the new game.
    Research Trees
    Posted Thursday, May 16, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Thanks to some hard work from Dave (rct help), we've been able to develop an extensive scenario research tree. Be sure to have an up-to-date browser. Suggested ones are mentioned at the bottom of the site, below the copyright.
    Posted Thursday, May 16, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    The interviews section has received yet another update. Recently, I interviewed Alf, webmaster of Tycoon Planet.
    Posted Thursday, May 16, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Ogre has finished up Ogrewood 8, and it's ready to be downloaded. Feel free to offer him some feedback.
    Saved Games
    Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    There are five new Loopy Landscapes saved games online, not to mention the new park from Bob Hooley.
    Track Pack
    Posted Tuesday, May 14, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Steve Franks' latest track pack is now online. Drachen Fire @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg can be downloaded right here. There will be another BGW pack soon.
    Tree Chart
    Posted Monday, May 13, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Buhdewsy has come up with a tree chart to accompany the Save Game Modifier. This makes it easier to sort through the various trees which are mentioned in the utility.
    WinAmp Skin
    Posted Monday, May 13, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    There's a new WinAmp skin online. It's a very basic skin, which is probably why it looks better than most others.
    Community News
    Posted Sunday, May 12, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    There's a wishlist that someone is working on, and they're looking for submissions.

    The RollerCoaster Tycoon Database will be opening soon, and they're looking for submissions.

    RCT Style is looking for submissions.

    Kevin's Fantasy Parks is looking for submissions. RCT Gladitor is almost done.

    rctOnline is online now, and they're looking for submissions. They also have a ride exchange.

    SV4 Central has added RCT Legend to their site. It's a new contest. They're looking for submissions and ideas for future contests.

    Smash Amusements has added some parks and tracks recently. They're looking for someone to take over Oasis and finish it. They're also looking for submissions.

    The Roller Coaster Collection has added some photos of Worlds of Fun (2002), and they want people to vote in their poll.

    RCT2 - Unofficial has added new forums. They also have a very interesting competition going. You might want to take a peek at it.

    RCT Market seems to be impressed with the traffic they've received from RCT Station, but they're looking for some new forum members, so drop by and signup.
    Track Packs Update
    Posted Friday, May 10, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Steve Franks' Track Packs are back online, and in an alphabetical order. My apologies for it taking so long, but it took a while to get a mirror and get everything uploaded.

    Steve's Race Thru The Clouds pack has received an update. Also, there is a new track pack, Sea Dragon @ Wyandot Lake. You can grab both of these track packs right here.
    C Sawyer Interview
    Posted Friday, May 10, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    GameSpy has recently interviewed Chris Sawyer. It's a very brief interview.
    Jacko Interview
    Posted Thursday, May 9, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    I recently interviewed Jacko, webmaster of RCT Inc. You can read the fairly brief interview here.
    Current Status
    Posted Monday, May 6, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Since launch late last week, I've been hoping to get everything back online as soon as possible. It's going to take a bit longer, unfortunately.

    The bandwidth situation here isn't pretty, so it's caused a lot of problems. Many people have stepped forward in the past few days and have offered some sort of help with hosting, and I certainly appreciate that. Don, from Digital Coaster, will be offering some relief for us, however, I'm always looking for more bandwidth. Hopefully, this will be a short term situation, just long enough for us to get all of the sites running at full steam and get the ad banners running as well. Quite frankly, the only way we're going to be able to survive is if we get donations (see PayPal button on right-column of site) and through ad banner clicks and purchases.

    We shall see what happens...
    Community News
    Posted Monday, May 6, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Smah Amusements has updated their spotlights. Be sure to check back freqently for Oasis upgrades and other park additions. They're looking for park submissions.

    Indy's Adobe has added a forum and poll. They're now looking for park and track submissions.

    RCT Market has switched hosts. They have a new design, new forums, a file management system, and some new staff members.

    rct:2 has opened rather recently and is proving to be a great site so far. They're working on an Interviews section (Points of View).

    RCT Speed has added several new downloads, as well as a new forum. They're looking for staff members. They are also working on a new design.

    RCT Inc has added forty new saved games to their site. There wasn't a P-Spot due to a lack of entries.
    Official Site Update
    Posted Sunday, May 5, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    The official site received a small update. The main page has been redesigned.

    Link: http://www.rollercoastertycoon.com/test/index2.html
    Mirror Needed
    Posted Saturday, May 4, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    We're looking for someone who has spare webspace and bandwidth for some of our files. If you would be willing to help us out, email me. It doesn't matter what OS the server is, by the way.
    Posted Friday, May 3, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    When sorting through my email today, I noticed that many people like to use the form mails to ask for help in the game. It's clearly spelled out in bold text on the 'Report a Problem' page that this is for reporting problems regarding the site. Anything sent there that's not a problem report about the site gets deleted. When reporting a problem, be sure to include your email address. Only including half of it doesn't allow me to contact you.

    Also, there is a new email worm out there, referred to as "Klez". Be sure to run a virus scanner on your PC ASAP. Klez is a mass mailer worm, and I get dozens of copies of it in my email every day, so please check your PC for viruses.
    May Contest
    Posted Friday, May 3, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    As promised, the May 2002 contest has been announced. You can view the rules right here. As usual, ask questions in the forums, and do be sure to follow the rules.
    March Contest Results
    Posted Thursday, May 2, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    The march contest results are online. The winner was Dantheman. Congratulations to him and thanks to everyone who entered.

    The May contest will be announced tomorrow morning.
    RollerCoaster Tycoon II Announced
    Posted Thursday, May 2, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or something, you’d know that Infogrames has publically announced the production of RollerCoaster Tycoon II. Below is the press release:

    BEVERLY, Mass. – April 25, 2002 –The game that started the computer “Tycoon” craze is getting a sequel this fall in RollerCoaster® Tycoon II from Infogrames, Inc. (NASDAQ: IFGM) and master game designer Chris Sawyer. Numerous improvements to the original game will be packed into this new game – with more types of roller coasters and rides being just the beginning.

    “RollerCoaster Tycoon® has been one of the most popular games to be released in the last three years,” said Ann Marie Bland, director of brand marketing at Infogrames’ Beverly Studio. “The fans have been shouting for more RollerCoaster Tycoon and we’re glad to finally be able to give them what they’ve been demanding.”

    New features in RollerCoaster Tycoon II will include a tuned ride creation system for more control while building roller coasters and scenery, new shops and stores to help raise player’s profits in their parks, new park themes to help gamers attract new customers to their theme parks and a scenario editor with which gamers can create their own park challenges.
    BGW Recreation
    Posted Thursday, May 2, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    When the site went down on April 1st, Mike Robbins had almost finished his Busch Gardens Williamsburg recreation. It is now complete and ready to download. There are three different versions of the park you can download. Unless you’re on a broadband connection, I’d advise you to download the closed version due to the file size. Click the image below to go to the park section.

    We're Back
    Posted Thursday, May 2, 2002 by Red Phoenix

    As you can see, RCT Station is back online. It’s been an extremely rocky ride getting the network back, but as usual, patience was important. I admit that we aren’t completely back online. There are a couple of sections that aren’t quite ready to go at the moment. Steve Franks’ track packs and the tracks section are not ready to go yet. I hope to get them both going within one full week.

    If you go to the saved games section, you’ll see that Batman Fan, Dantheman, and KaiBueno Coasters have their own saved games section online.
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