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August - September 2002 Contest Results

Below you'll find the winner of the RCT Station August-September Cell Circuit Contest.  Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for entering, everyone!  The original idea for this contest came from Water Monkey, a former staff member who did this contest one year ago.

First Place

By: Buhdewsy

Judge's Note: I was hard to choose one, but Buhdewsy's Legends park was a cut above the rest. The park was divided into eleven island cells, each themed to a different country. One interesting point was that most of the rides were in the language of the country they were in. Buhdewsy did a good job building the coasters with a wide range of excitement ratings. I was glad to see a park from someone who hasn't built many mega parks place so well, and it hardly had any hacks.

Second Place

By: rbarclay

Judge's Note: Rainbow Islands is a park made up of eight islands, each themed to a different color. Aside from being very colorful, this park is also very well built. There are some very interesting coasters in this park. Also, I really liked the themeing in this park, and the land is very filled up, not blank. This park ranked really high on my list.

Download rbarclay's Submission

Third Place

By: Cco375

Judge's Note: As the name implies, Island Cell-abration is composed of seven islands, each having its own theme. There were some well-constructed and interesting coasters here. One of the things that really caught my eye was the architecture. There were some great buildings, and some nice use of hacked scenery.

Download Cco375's Submission

Fourth Place

By: rwadams

Judge's Note: This was a pretty good park, with some nicely designed coasters. This park didn't use islands, but just left all of the cells on land. There were some good coasters in the park, including a couple interesting shuttle coasters and a nicely designed hypercoaster. Overall, I really enjoyed this park.

Download rwadams' Submission

Fifth Place

By: Austin Powers

Judge's Note: This was one of the first parks that I looked at, and I knew it would probably be in the top five. Each of the eight cells in this park is based on a different movie or movie series. I really liked the concept of this park. The rides were cleverly named for the movie that their cell was themed after. The coasters were not necessarily what you would see in a real life park, but they were designed well. Overall, this was a really good park.

Download Austin Powers' Submission

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