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February 2002 Contest Results

Below you'll find the winner of the RCT Station February 2002 Contest.  Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for entering, everyone!

First Place

By: Kai Bueno Coasters

Judge's Note: This was an excellent park all around. Kai is notably popular among the forums as being a fine maker of mini parks and he proves it here in this park. His featured coaster Dom Des Zweigs Di Linhia boosts a 9.03 excitement rating while going through seven inversions. The German theme and ride names looks like something straight out of a Busch Gardens theme park. Well done.

Second Place

By: Toon Towner

Judge's Note: You don't want to go out at night, or maybe you will to view this park. This is an excellent park based on the famous villain. The featured coaster Bloodletting is a six inversion monster with a 10.04 excitement rating. This park is full of blood curling screams!

Download Toon Towner's Submission

Judge's Note: You might remember Peter's first place steel twister coaster winner from July. Well, he's back with another great creation. The theming here is great and his coaster Bermuda Triangle twists and turns through six inversions and a 9.42 excitement rating.

Download Peter's Submission

Fourth Place

By: Gymkid Dude

Judge's Note: Gymkid Dude was the first place winner in last months January Bobsled contest. He shows his ability to keep on making fine coasters with Wild Falcon, a six inversion coaster winding through the many gardens in his park while showing off a 10.14 excitement rating.

Download Gymkid Dude's Submission

Fifth Place

By: The Judge

Judge's Note: Based on the movie of the same title, his Fast and the Furious coaster winds through the city streets while maneuvering five inversions and a 9.08 excitement rating. Well done!

Download The Judge's Submission

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