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July 2001 Contest Results

Here is where you can find the rules and submission information for the current contest.  You'll also find results to some of our previous contests at the bottom of the page.

Below you'll find the winner of the RCT Station July Steel Coaster Coaster Contest.  Click the preview image to download the contest entry.  Mike Robbins, the contest judge, also included a small description.  Mike also had this to say about the contest entries:

"First let me say that I received a lot of great entries and this was a very hard contest to judge.  Trying to narrow down the submissions from eighty-three to five was a tough task in itself.  I just hope that everyone agrees on my decisions for the top 5 and that you will enjoy them as much as I did."

First Place

By: Peter Fidkowski

Imperial Storm - First Place!  Click to download!

One of the best coasters I have seen with four inversions and
a 9.14 excitement rating.  Set in a Japanese Garden, this ride
is very well themed and pleasing to the eyes.  A lot of time and
effort must have gone into this project.

Second Place

By: Gizzmoe106

The Emperor - Second Place!  Click to download!

A coaster with six inversions and an 8.67 excitement rating
surely packs a punch.  This is one excellent coaster.  Be
sure to check out the "fast pass" lines.  One of the better
RCT ideas I have seen in a long time.

Third Place

By: Tom

Moe & Joe - Third Place!  Click to download!

The only dueling coaster to make it in the Top 5, Moe & Joe
boosts excitement ratings of 10.39 and 10.46 respectively.
A very unusual mix of themes to go along with unusual coaster
names, but exciting to watch.

Fourth Place

By: Vilden

Dragon Slayer - Fourth Place!  Click to download!

This coaster has seven inversions with an 8.82 excitement
rating and a top speed of 73 mph.  Set in the ancient Orient,
you will find a great coaster with a couple of unusual inversions.
This coaster looks and rides great.

Fifth Place

By: RCTyrant

Brush Fyre - Fifth Place!  Click to download!

This is a seven inversion foorless coaster with a 7.99 excitement
rating travelling throughout the charred trees of a past forest fire.
A great track layout with a really cool transfer track idea.
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