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June2001 Contest Results

Below you'll find the winner of the RCT Station June Coaster Contest.  Click the preview image to download the contest entry.

First Place

By: Robert Smith

The Wrath of the Colleseum - First Place!  Click to download!

"This is an awesome looking regular steel coaster." - Mike Robbins

Second Place

By: David Silva

Spellbinder - Second Place!  Click to download!

"An excellent and smooth steel twister with a woodsy medieval theme." - Mike Robbins

Third Place

By: Damon S.

Jumpin' Jungle Jamboree - Third Place!  Click to download!

"A cool non-looping steel twister diving in and out of the ground." - Mike Robbins

Fourth Place

By: Robert Stelling

Flying Without Wings - Fourth Place!  Click to download!

"A cool flying coaster with a great excitement rating." - Mike Robbins

Fifth Place

By: Dark Rider

Dark Riders Revenge - Fifth Place!  Click to download!

"A great mine train coaster." - Mike Robbins
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