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March 2002 Contest Results & Rules

Here is where you can find the rules and submission information for the current contest.  You'll also find results to some of our previous contests at the bottom of the page.

For sports fans, March is "March Madness" for college basketball.  While the NCAA has their tournament, RCT Station will also be having a contest, and in a somewhat similar fashion.


To create the best themed rollercoaster within the given workbench.

Concepts and Rules

  1. You must build upon the workbench provided by the staff.
  2. In each round of competition, I will send you the workbench along with the type of rollercoaster in which you are supposed to create within the park.
  3. There can only be ONE coaster in the park.
  4. The coaster can have only ONE lifthill, meaning you cannot make one lifthill, make a 90° turn and make another one.
  5. No dueling or mobius style coasters (you can only build one coaster afterall).
  6. The coaster must be themed well.
  7. The park is preferred to be closed, but it must be peep friendly (working paths).
  8. You can use trainers and do as much hacking as you like, BUT the file must be stable (doesn't crash after loading).  If this requirement is not met, you will indeed be Disqualified.
  9. There may be no other rides in the park.
  10. You may add Stalls to the park to make the area somewhat functional.

Judging Criteria

  1. Everything will be taken into consideration, so work on everything.  Everything will be graded on equally, so no specific aspect is valued more than another.
  North East 
KaiBueno Coasters Shenlong
Dantheman Nick
Dantheman Nick
Mantis Rwadams
Mantis Rwadams
GOOGLE Trcoaster
Dantheman Rwadams
Dustingiffin Rbarclay
Mac404 Dantheman   XIXMaverickXIX
The Riddler Rbarclay Mike Robbins
The Riddler CHAMP XIXMaverickXIX
Dustingiffin Dantheman Rbarclay
Stealth Venba
Dustingiffin Rbarclay
  West South 


  Download 1st Round Entries - 1MB
  Download 2nd Round Entries - 523kb
  Download 3rd Round Entries - 248kb
  Download 4th Round Entries - 126kb

Submissions and Help

  1. All entries are to be sent to rctcontest@ogresnet.com by within 5 days of my sending of the workbench and details on the round of competition.  If you do not send it back by then, you will be automatically be disqualified.
  2. Also, if you send it to the wrong email address, you will be disqualified.
  3. In your email, include the following:
    a. Include your Real name
    b. Include your RCT Station forum name
    c. Include your email address
  4. The file should be named Park Name - Your Forum Name.SV4
  5. The park must be zipped (use WinZip or Power Archiver, for example).
  6. If you need help or have any questions, they should be placed in the RCT Station Contest Forum.
  7. There is no prize for this particular contest, so RCT Station staff may enter.
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