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I have pulled together on this page some of the best utilities for Roller Coaster Tycoon. Keep in mind that these utilities have no technical support. So if you need help, check out the forums.

TP4 Picture Editor

The TP4 Picture Editor is a very handy tool to use.  Without it, you would be able to make a preview image for a coaster, which can be seen in the construction window.  Many people use this tool, and all serious coaster makers include a TP4 with their track files.

Author: Patrick J. Campbell

Download | Version 1.0 | File Size: 117kb

TD4 Mirror

The TD4 Mirror utility is another one of those tools that people use quite a bit when making parks.  If you want to make a dueling/racing coaster, you can use this utility and simply make a mirror image of the coaster, so you only have to build it once.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version 2.0 | File Size: 257kb

TD4 SpeedUp

This utility isn't nearly used as much as most utilities.  This utility is used to speedup the overall speed of a coaster to an insane speed.  It ends up making a coaster that's all show, basically.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version 1.01 | File Size: 134kb

TD4 Changer

TD4 Changer is basically a track hacker.  It allows you to make mirror images of a ride, boost the ride's speed, and change the trains on the track from say a Wooden Coaster Train or a Steel Train to Log Flume boats or something truely bizarre.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version: BETA (May 30th 2000) | File Size: 354kb

TD4 Viewer

TD4 Viewer offers an actual view of the track, which is very cool.  You can rotate the ride's image left and right, as well as up and down, which will offer a 3D-like view of the ride.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version: 1.20 | File Size: 275kb

Save Game Modifier

RCT Saved Game Modifier allows you to edit a massive amount of stuff in a game.  This is basically a trainer-replacement in many respects, and it is a very good tool for creating your own scenarios.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version: 3.13 | File Size: 453kb

RCT Graphics Inspector

This is certainly one of the more useless tools to the average RCTer, but it allows you to browse the thousands of graphics that were made for RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version: 1.1 | File Size: 435kb

RCT Explorer

RCT Explorer is a very handy utility.  It's a nice tool for everyone, whether it be a webmaster or an average RCTer.   It will give you information on tracks, saved games, and scenarios.   One thing I really like is it's very easy to use!

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version: 1.13 | File Size: 305kb

Water Ride Speed Up

The name of the utility truely sums up what this thing does.  Essentially, it adds a chain lift to water rides, which of course speeds them up.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version: 1.0 | File Size: 232kb

RCT 2 Object Editor

Since RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 loads scenery differently than RCT, it's possible to make your own. This tool from Doctor J makes it easier.

Author: James Hughes

Download | Version: 1.01 | File Size: 318kb


RCT PiNGer allows you to take an RCT screenshot and make a ride preview (TP4) image, select any size rectangle, and save it in BMP, PNG, or TP4 file formats.

Author: Dave (rct help)

Download | ReadMe File | Version: 1.1 | File Size: 1.9MB

RCT Reader

RCT Reader was one of, if not the first track decoder out there in the RCT community.  It goes through the .td4 files and gathers up all of the information on them, and it will export that information into a customizable HTML page, which shows a ton of information on each ride.

Author: Luke Harless

Download | File Size: ???kb

RCT Track Decoder

This utility will both "mirror" and "reverse" a track. It will also decode the track file into a simple set of track elements, thus showing you how it was constructed. You can also export the instructions as plain ASCII text, which you can view or print out in NotePad or WordPad.  This also works with RollerCoaster Tycoon 2.

Author: Greg Wolking

Download | Version: 1.1.3 beta | File Size: 394kb

Coaster Central

Coaster Central is another ride utility, which is similar to RCT Explorer.  Coaster Central offers a little more information on a track than that of RCT Explorer.  Then again, RCT Explorer offers info on Saved Games and Scenarios, which gives it a little something extra.  Coaster Central offers a list of the track pieces used to create a track.  This would be helpful if say you wanted to use someone's track design, but build it into a hillside, and you wanted to keep the originality of the ride.

Author: Avi Miller

Download | Version: 1.2 | File Size: 2.12mb

WinAmp Skin

Here's a very simple skin for WinAmp, designed with RCT in mind.

Author: Rob Tonto

Download | File Size: 19kb

Roller Coaster Height Chart
Since Steve Franks works on real coaster recreations, it was necessary to convert RCT's measurements into real life measurements and vise versa to create the most accurate recreation possible.

Author: Steve Franks

Download | File Size: 6kb

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Coaster Examples
This is a guide from Mike Robbins which offers real-life examples of the roller coasters from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2.

Author: Mike Robbins

Download | File Size: 112kb

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