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This page contains all of our workbenches that we've made.  Workbenches are typically a relatively blank park, with a lot of money available, and all of the scenery and rides are now available.  Before submitting a workbench, be sure to check out the submissions guidelines.

Description:  This is a basic workbench.  This is for the Original RCT version only.  You also start off with $2 Million.
Download | File Size: 48kb | | Author: Unknown
CF Workbench  
Description:  This is a basic workbench. You also start off with just under $3 Million.
Download | File Size: 61kb | | Author: Cav
Jungle Workbench  
Description:  Here's a great workbench if you're going after a Jungle themed park.  This workbench comes complete with trees, lakes, some uneven terrain, and $3 Million.
Download | File Size: 68kb | | Author: Mike Robbins
Riverfront Amusement Workbench
Description:  This was once a template for a contest at Cav's RCT Depot.  This is a wonderful workbench.  It also comes with just under $9.5 Million.
Download | File Size: 60kb | | Author: Mike Robbins
Roman Hills
Description:  Roman Hills is a nice roman-themed workbench. This one is a little more evolved than the traditional workbench. You start out with just under $3 Million.
Download | File Size: 73kb | | Author: Mike Robbins
Adventure Island Workbench
Description:  This is the basis of what the majority of the "island-based" parks start from.  This bench comes with a monorail and railroad, not to mention a nice park entrance.
Download | File Size: 61kb | | Author: Ste Duggan
Beach Bench  
Description:  Here's a very interesting workbench with a beach feeling.  It comes with just over $99 Million.
Download | File Size: 83kb | | Author: rct3000
Christmas Workbench
Description:  This is another masterpiece by Mike Robbins. This is a wonderful winter wonderland.   It comes with just over $5 Million.
Download | File Size: 91kb | | Author: Mike Robbins
Coastline Workbench
Description:  This is a very simple workbench with a coastline  You might see this kind of park along the West Coast in the US.  There's over $4 Million to build with.
Download | File Size: 52kb | | Author: Debbie Hawkins
Dinky Workbench  
Description:  This basically a park that's already been built for you.  You just have to add to it.  Already existing are some rides, stalls, and a road.  It comes with $2.5 Million.
Download | File Size: 64kb | | Author: Cole Feeser
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