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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Attractions - Thrill Rides

The rides listed below are thrill rides that can be found in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2.


Description: Rotating wheel with suspended passenger pods, which first starts spinning and is then tilted up by a supported arm; Special Note: More than likely modeled after the Huss/Scharzkopf  ride from real-life with the same name.


Description: Self-drive gas-engined go karts.

Launched Freefall

Description: Freefall car is pneumatically launched up a tall steel tower and then allowed to freefall down; Special Note: This ride is probably modeled after the air launched drop towers by S&S Power.

Magic Carpet Ride

Description: A large flying-carpet themed car which moves up and down cyclically on the ends of four arms.

Motion Simulator

Description: Riders view a film inside the motion simulator pod while it is twisted and moved around by a hydraulic arm.

Pirate Ship

Description: Large swinging pirate ship; Special Note: Though it is called the Pirate Ship, it isn't really themed as one.  It is more or less a Viking themed ship and is modeled after the Sea Dragon rides from real-life.  However, there is a Pirate Ship themed ride in real-life that does the same thing and is more popular.


Description: A ring of seats is pulled to the top of a tall tower while gently rotating, then allowed to freefall down, stopping gently at the bottom using magnetic brakes; Special Note: This ride is is probably modeled after an Intamin ride from real-life.

Snow Cups

Description: Riders ride in pairs of seats rotating around a central snowman; Special Note: More than likely an attempt to bring the tilt-a-whirl or tea cups to Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Swinging Inverter Ship

Description: Ship is attached to an arm with a counterweight at the opposite end, and swings through a complete 360 degrees.

Top Spin

Description: Passengers ride in a gondola suspended by large rotating arms, rotating forwards and backwards head-over-heels.


Description: Riders ride in pairs of seats rotating around the ends of three long rotating arms.

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