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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Attractions - Water Rides

The rides listed below are water rides that can be found in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2.

Bumper Boats

Description: Small circular dinghies powered by a centrally-mounted motor controlled by the passengers.


Description: Long canoes which the passengers paddle themselves.

Dinghy Slide

Description: Riders travel in inflatable dinghies down a twisting semi-circular or completely enclosed tube track; Special Note: The dinghy slide can have an entrance and an exit in separate locations.

Jet Skis

Description: Single-seater jet skis which riders can drive themselves.

Log Flume

Description: Log-shaped boats travel along a water channel, splashing down steep slopes to soak the riders; Special Note: Many companies in real-life produce a version of the log flume, but I believe the one in RCT/RCT2 is modeled after the versions from Arrow Dynamics and Intamin.

Raft Ride

Description: Raft-shaped boats gently meander around a river track; Special Note: More than likely the idea for this ride came from the jungle river cruise attraction that is found at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom.

River Rapids Ride

Description: Circular boats meander along a wide water channel, splashing through waterfalls and thrilling riders through foaming rapids; Special Note: Many companies produce a variant of this ride, but the one in the game is probably modeled after the one from Intamin.

Paddle Boats

Description: Rowing boats which passengers row themselves.

Splash Boats

Description: Large capacity boats travel along a wide water channel, propelled up slopes by a conveyor belt, accelerating down steep slopes to soak the riders with a giant splash; Special Note: The splash boats in RCT2 are probably modeled after the Intamin and Arrow Dynamics ones from real-life.

Submarine Ride

Description: Riders ride in a submerged submarine through an underwater course; Special Note: This ride is probably modeled after the one that can be found in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.


Description: Swan shaped boat, propelled by the pedaling front seat passengers.

Water Coaster

Description: Boat shaped cars run on roller coaster track to allow twisting and curves and steep drops, splashing down into sections of water for gentle river sections; Special Note: This ride is more than likely modeled after Poseidon at Europa Park in Germany.

Water Tricycles

Description: Pedal-tricycle with large buoyant wheels.

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