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Interview with Alf

In this interview, Red Phoenix interviews Alf, webmaster of Tycoon Planet.

Red Phoenix: What's your opinion of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

Alf: I was actually hoping for a little bit more but I guess I'll have to wait for the expansion pack. However it was still a big improvement to LL with some minor things I didn't like. Such as the 'hill' option when raising land.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the plug-ins system (importing scenery) RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

Alf: I was very disappointed when there was no official scenery editor/importer. However Dr. J has made a fine tool that supports the basics. After a few trial runs in his program I was able to create a few scenery objects just in time for Christmas (see http://www.tycoonplanet.com/page.asp?page=home&home=news&news=archive2&newsID=144). Along with the importing of scenery the exporting is just as important. The option to export scenery with rides is a very cool option because nearly all tracks use scenery with them to enhance ratings as well as the looks.

Red Phoenix: It looks like an RCT 2 expansion pack will be released in May 2003. What would you like to see specifically in the game?

Alf: I would mainly like to see the restrictions on the number of scenery objects you can have removed or at least reflect the amount your computer/video card can handle.

Red Phoenix: What sort of RCT/RCT 2 utility would you like to see developed that isn't already available?

Alf: A better trainer. I was always one who liked to cheat. Unfortunately Brian (Dragon's IOA) said he wasn't planning any update for his trainer to support RCT2.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the RCT community right now?

Alf: It seems to be up and down. This may be due to that many people haven't found time to just sit there and play the game.

Red Phoenix: What would you ask Chris Sawyer if you had the opportunity?

Alf: Where do you come up with your ideas & do you ever visit any of the RCT websites?

Red Phoenix: In our previous interview, you stated that Tycoon Planet would be expanding to cover more coaster-related games. That doesn't seem to have happened since then. What's slowing down the expansion of Tycoon Planet?

Alf: Time mainly.

Red Phoenix: What's your favorite real coaster recreation that was made by someone in the community?

Alf: Unfortunately, I haven't had too much time to check out the recreations.

Red Phoenix: What's your favorite real park recreation that was made by someone in the community?

Alf: Zet's Magic Kingdom ( http://www.tycoonplanet.com/page.asp?page=others&other=secrets ).


You can find Alf at Tycoon Planet - http://www.tycoonplanet.com

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