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Interview with Iris

In this interview, Red Phoenix interviews Iris, webmaster of New Element.

Red Phoenix: Where did your first hear about Hasbro's Rollercoaster Tycoon? And what did you think of it once you played it?

Iris: I first heard about it from a couple friends of mine who just played it for fun, and it was at a time when I was really gettin into roller coasters, so I picked it up. I wasn't sure of what to think of it at first, but after I started downloading Danimation Spotlights, I knew I'd be hooked in for a long time.

Red Phoenix: What's your opinion of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

Iris: At first, I really disliked the whole RCT2 thing. I disliked the differences the game brought, and how different it was from the first game. Now though, those are the same things that make me like it a lot more, and I'm really looking forward to getting RCT2 full swing at NE.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the plugins system (importing scenery) RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

Iris: This is really the coolest addition to the game in my opinion. Now, the game's possiblities are literally endless. Completely new themes, etc. will keep the game fresh for a very long time.

Red Phoenix: It looks like an RCT 2 expansion pack will be released in May 2003. What would you like to see specifically in the game?

Iris: I'm actually a little puzzled to why the expansion is coming so early, but you'll hear no complaints from me. What I'd like to see: the old walls and textures from Loopy Landscapes.

Red Phoenix: What sort of RCT/RCT 2 utility would you like to see developed that isn't already available?

Iris: I'm not as up to date on the new RCT2 utilities as some people, but I've always thought that some sort of thing where you could "walk through the park" would be really cool.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the RCT community right now?

Iris: It's definitely in a high swing right now. We were at a slightly lower pace then usual lately, with the retiring of many RCT parkmakers, but lately a whole new branch have stepped up to fill the gaps. Plus, there are so many people that are getting good, and the best thing is, with RCT2, you can get really good and still maintain a completely different style from the next person. RCT2 is just what the community needed.

Red Phoenix: What would you ask Chris Sawyer if you had the opportunity?
Iris: I'd like to ask him if he really is a part of the RCT community after all. I heard rumors that he was a member at Danimation, but I'm wondering if there really is truth behind it, and if he has been to New Element.

Red Phoenix: What's your favorite real coaster recreation that was made by someone in the community?

Iris: I'd have to say NeViS' recreation of Kraken for Loopy Landscapes was my favorite ever. It was just perfect in my opinion, and it even came with a Journey to Atlantis rec as well. That was one of NE's original 'Weekly Designs'.

Red Phoenix: What's your favorite real park recreation that was made by someone in the community?

Iris: IOAGuy's Islands of Adventure recreation. There were several updates made to it, and each update adds some small details that were missed. Those details are what makes the rec so great. Lots of things I wouldn't expect in a recreation are there.

Red Phoenix: For those who don't know you or your site, can you tell us a bit about your site and what you do there?

Iris: Well, New Element was my attempt at creating the "perfect RCT Community". When I made it, I wasn't really aware of the whole community at RCT Station, and D-Net was obviously drifting very far apart from the game, so I decided that this would be my chance to really get a thriving site going. It ended up getting a lot bigger then I would have expected. What the site is about nowadays is bringing the absolute best quality parks to the table. Our bi-weekly spotlight is my "pride and joy" of New Element, and we also feature Parkmaker Pages to showcase those who actually represent the site. Lots of other great RCT features can be found throughout the site, most favorably to me, NE's Head2Head.

Red Phoenix: What plans do you have for your site?

Iris: Well, aside from bringing RCT2 100% into the picture, I have been looking for sort of an "heir" to New Element. I'm not really sure how long me (or Adix for that matter) can continue being around the site so much, so we've been looking around for people to actually control the site in the future. We have a few people that we've definitely got our eyes on.

Red Phoenix: If you could be someone (alive or dead) for one day, who would it be, and why?

Hmmm, tough question. Probably Bill Gates just so I could transfer all of his money to my account. That'd be pretty cool.


You can find Iris at New Element - http://www.nedesigns.com

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