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Interview with Stealth

In this interview, Red Phoenix interviews Stealth, webmaster of Tycoon Planet.

Red Phoenix: Where did your first hear about Hasbro's Rollercoaster Tycoon? And what did you think of it once you played it?

Stealth: I played the demo from PC Gamer magazine and it was love at first sight. I played it so often my sister bought me the game when it was released and since then I have bought every version released. The thing I loved about rct was that its an unusual game, the only other game like it was Theme Park (which I also liked a lot). I don't have a fascination with real coasters and parks just rct.

Red Phoenix: What's your opinion of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

Stealth: Very disappointed, if I didn't know any better I would say it was a half-assed effort at preying at the consumers wallets. I do like the new-ish graphics, the scenario creator and ride creator and of course all the new elements, but is it really worth sticking on a '2'. Personally I think Chris Sawyer should have made it an expansion pack because its not worthy of being called a sequel.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the plugins system (importing scenery) RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

Stealth: Its definetly a great idea and makes the game more interactive but whats the point in adding this function if the community is left with no official tool to make the scenery?

Red Phoenix: It looks like an RCT 2 expansion pack will be released in May 2003. What would you like to see specifically in the game?

Stealth: At this point i dont expect anything great. Given the way rct has progressed through the years im NOT going to rush out and buy it only to be dissapointed again. Im going to see what people in our forums think of the game and then maybe go buy it.

Red Phoenix: What sort of RCT/RCT 2 utility would you like to see developed that isn't already available?

Stealth: I want a rct2 trainer like dragons or beast, they are top notch so we need them for rct2. As for anything else im not too picky. Anything else thats original would be damn fine.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the RCT community right now?

Stealth: If you could call it a community your insane. It feels like a community for a new game where nobody knows any better. Ive been around since the start of the rct community and theres not many people like me left and im sure they would all tell you the same thing. Something went wrong. Ill give you an example, Someone asked to be affiliates with tycoonplanet. we have 6 and its staying at six. i took dogs abuse from this guy because i said no, then came the pathetic threats at tycoonplanet being hacked. Constantly people find something to moan about and hate because of it without seeing the reason behind decisions. Its happening all over and im sure you will agree Red Phoenix, its not a community you can proudly associate yourself with.

Red Phoenix: What would you ask Chris Sawyer if you had the opportunity?
Stealth: What gave him the idea for rct? and the popular question: do you use trainers on your game to make it more interesting? :-) I would also ask him if he would freak out at the fact i know his home address ;-)

Red Phoenix: What's your favorite real coaster recreation that was made by someone in the community?

Stealth: Im not into real park or coaster recreations enough to seive through websites to download them but i always did admire Steve Franks collection.

Red Phoenix: What's your favorite real park recreation that was made by someone in the community?

Stealth: As i said before im not a big fan of real parks etc, i dont remember ever downloading a real park recreation and the only ones i have looked at are Chris Sawyers in LL and RCT2.

Red Phoenix: For those who don't know you, can you tell us a bit about what you do at Tycoon Planet?

Stealth: I do just about everything along content side of things. Anything thats sent to me i add, i keep up to date with news and make articles for the knowledge base and shout at ALF to make some ASP scripts (the screenshot of the day was my idea ;-) hehe) I take part in just about everything tycoonplanet has going so i guess im just as in charge of tycoonplanet as ALF is.

Red Phoenix: What plans do you have for your site?

Stealth: ALF is working hard on his ride exchange and its looking awesome at the moment. Then hopefully were going for a site redesign and complete recoding of the parks system, news system and screenshot of the day system but it will all take time.

Red Phoenix: If you could be someone (alive or dead) for one day, who would it be, and why?

Stealth: Raphael Gray -He hacked into British, US and Canadian websites to obtain thousands of credit card numbers (not a good thing) but what i admire is that he sent Bill Gates a large consignment of viagra using Bill Gates own credit card number lmao

Failing that i would like to be Daron Malkian, guitarist from system of a down


You can find Stealth at Tycoon Planet - http://www.tycoonplanet.com

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