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Interview with The Great One

In this interview, Red Phoenix interviews The Great One, webmaster of RCT Competition.

Red Phoenix: Where did your first hear about Hasbro's Rollercoaster Tycoon? And what did you think of it once you played it?

The Great One: Well i never got a PC till about 2 - 3 years ago and i was a complete newbie but i started off but falling in love with coasters ever since my first trip to alton towers when i was like 13. after that i only had my little Mega Drive, What a classic ;) and i had ThemePark. After that i got a Play Station and i got themepark world. But on my trips to Game (Uk Computer Game Shop) I sore a game called Rct. But yet i had no PC to play it on. A few years later i got my first PC. And 3 months later my Mum got it for my Birthday.......... After that i feel in love, Never Left my PC Chair and played for weeks!

I thought the game was amazing, So much more detal that Theme Park!

Red Phoenix: What's your opinion of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

The Great One: Well theres only one word i can say, Average. Now 3d or not 3d, it didnt matter at all! It was how complex i could get a park and how realistic i can get it.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the plugins system (importing scenery) RollerCoaster Tycoon 2?

The Great One: Brillaint one of the things which made Rct 2 average. It is a brillaint add-on but the stupid loading does annoy me like hell! And as a webmaster it just takes so long to get a good review and a good look of it.

Red Phoenix: It looks like an RCT 2 expansion pack will be released in May 2003. What would you like to see specifically in the game?

The Great One: Well first some sort of 3d addon. I dont want it built in to the game cause as soon as this will cause all manor of problems. But some sort of converstion in to NoLimits or HyperRails would be brillaint! Also I think that a lot of detal and attention should be put in to shops, stations and better time zones. I feel that this should be added asap!

Red Phoenix: What sort of RCT/RCT 2 utility would you like to see developed that isn't already available?

The Great One: Now this is a hard one for me, If anything, some sort of internet could be built in to Rct2 so you could download the latest patches, rides and scenery.

Red Phoenix: What do you think of the RCT community right now?

The Great One: Well no offence Red, But many of you know i am not the biggest fan of the RCT Station forums. Mainly of bad experances. I also belive that many people in this community are out of order! from stealing ideas, content and downloads. Also i feel the way people just accuse people for no reason is out of order and the people who do this should be spoken to instead of them doing it again and again. I know many people will agree and disagree, but thats the way i see it. Also a sore topic which i constantly get hate mail for is hacking! I dont approve for it and i have never done it. But yet you think i have been hacked a lot of times. From my main site done twice and forums once. This is find sad, Especally when people are saying there are the Tycoonhackers and there not!

Red Phoenix: What would you ask Chris Sawyer if you had the opportunity?
The Great One: Can i take over RollerCoasterTycoon.com and RollerCoasterTycoon2.com?

Red Phoenix: What's your favorite real park recreation that was made by someone in the community?

The Great One: Cant Answer that one man, Cause as i have only been to 3 themepark parks in my life there is nothing really to relate to. But if i have to say one it would have to be Jsmint Alton Towers ;)

Red Phoenix: For those who don't know you or your site, can you tell us a bit about your site and what you do there?

The Great One: Umm what is there much to say, RCTCompetition.com . Well If you didnt know i am the Webmaster and owner. I do lot of the work but a lot of my staff do give me a hand from time to time. RCTCompetition.com is a RCT and a RCT2 Site basically, With all your features of your average Rct website plus more. we are not just about Competitions which alot of people think. We have a lot more to offer. We have loads of cool downloads (180+) and over 20,000 total downloads i think my site is growing. Ok my forums arnt like RCT Station as in busy 24/7 but they get some use and we have our classic GTC which goes faster than any other site i know off :D

Red Phoenix: What plans do you have for your site?

The Great One: Well of course is update constanly, But i have a few ideas in the bank waiting to be lauched soon. As you can see Challenge Simon will be launched on the 1st February 03. So i hope that will take off well.

Red Phoenix: If you could be someone (alive or dead) for one day, who would it be, and why?

The Great One: I can honestly say you have put me on the spot! I can honestly say i dont know! But if i have to choose it whould have to be the Alton Towers owner ;-)


You can find The Great One at RCT Competition - http://www.rctcompetition.com

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