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Playing RCT after adding another Hard Drive

Author/Contributors: Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin

A few months ago, I was running out of room on my 10 Gig Hard Drive.  There were two solutions, one would be to either add a CD-RW, and the other being add a second hard drive.  For my purposes and uses, a second hard drive would benefit much more in the long run, so that's what I went with in this case.  I'm not going to tell you how to install a second hard drive (although I could), but this isn't a PC Help site.  Once I got the hard drive in and ready for data, I attempted to run RCT, and it asked for the CD-ROM to be placed where the CD-ROM Drive used to be, but that's now occupied with my 30 Gig hard drive.  I got annoyed immediately.  So, a few weeks went by of getting that annoying message from Windows telling me to place the CD in my hard drive, and I knew I would rip my hair out soon if I didn't get this fixed.  I first consulted Ogre, since he's very knowledgeable about PCs.  That didn't help any, unfortunately.  Then I got the idea of working with the registry.  Let me be the first one to warn you, be very careful when doing this.  If you mess something up, you could be in some major trouble.  As long as you go through my simple walkthrough, you will be able to safely fix this.

  1. Backup your registry.  Windows ME automatically does this every time the registry is altered, so it's easy there.  
  2. Start the system Registry Editor.  To do this, choose "Run" under the "Start" menu in Windows. Once the Run prompt comes up, type "regedit" in the box provided (exclude the quotes).
  3. In the left-hand pane, navigate to and select the following key:
  4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Fish Technology Group\Rollercoaster Tycoon Setup

  5. In the right-hand pane, you should see a string value named "SetupPath", which currently points to the root directory of your CD-ROM drive.  Edit this sting to contain the path to the new location of your CD-ROM drive.  In my case, it used to be the D drive.  It's now the E drive.  To edit the sting, right-click on it, and choose "modify" from the menu.  Change the letter of the drive to the new location of your CD-ROM drive.  Click "Ok".  Do not alter any other values.
  6. Close the system's Registry Editor.

That's it, you should be able to play RollerCoaster Tycoon without getting the annoying notice from Windows.


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