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Castle Building Tutorial

Author/Contributors: OhiocoasteR

Hello, and welcome to my tutorial on building castles.† Castle building in RCT is a thing that must be perfected, and has a large margin for error.† You need to get things exactly the right height, and exactly the right size, or else it looks bad.

There are a bunch of different types of castles in RCT.† Youíre given a large number of Castle Themed Scenery Objects, both in Grey and Brown, and if you get creative, you can use lots and lots of techniques.† In this guide, Iíll go over some castle building basics, and walk you through building three different castles.

When building Castles in RCT, Itís best if you know what youíre going to build.† Are you going to build a great Aztec Temple? How bout a small British Fort?† Itís up to you, but know what you want to build and how big you want it to be.

After you know how big you want your castle, open up a blank workbench and take a few tries at building it.† Use different styles, different objects and walls, etc. to get the right feel.† Build three or four different versions right next to each other, so you can compare for look.

As I will always recommend, look at other peoples parks for ideas.† Batman had some excellent castles in the EoR series, as well as Mike Robbins did in one of his parks.† Go to other communities and download parks, look at the structure and building style, and different things they do.

When building castles, start from the inside out.† Nothingís worse than trying to build a courtyard and not being able to see over the walls.

Finally, be creative.† Using your own ideas sets your style.. whether it be a unique hack or an architecture marvel, whatever.† Be innovative.† Maybe even mix a couple of other peopleís styles.

Now Iím going to build a few castles with you.† The first castle is a small, stone castle.

Always start off by setting aside your land.† I usually do this by changing the grass to dirt and raising it up a few levels.† For this castle Iím going to place it in the park "The Ruined Emerald" by Batman Fan.

Hereís a quick shot of my selected building place.

Now, I build the foundation for my castle.† The colors can change, but this is just the footprint, and how big itís gonna be.

Now, I have the footprint out, I want to work on the inside of the castle.† The edges go last, because, as I said, they distort the view, and make it hard to work on the middle.

Now, it may not look like the Ritz Carlton, since the castle is so small, itís hard to do much with it, and chances are, no one will look inside it anyways.† Still, itís a nice surprise for those that actually do.† Also, another note, donít use flowers in your courtyard.† They die.† Use bushes and hedges.† Ok, anyways, now we do the walls.

Yay.† You have yourself a castle.† It looks pretty bland though, doesnít it?† Some advice is to add windows.† Use the ghost train ride for this, but donít put windows everywhere.† Just add them where you think that theyíre needed.† For this type of wall, youíll need to have the track of the ghost train be black.

Ok, now it looks better, I only did one side because Iím lazy.. Keep in mind this castle was pretty rushed through.. itís not my best work, but it still is semi nice looking.† The most important thing to remember when building castles is.. be original.† Always do what you want to do, not what people tell you to do.† Building RCT parks are about having fun, and thatís the single most important thing to remember.

Thanks, Stay Cool,


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