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Author/Contributors: Eric "Ogre" Lizotte

These are not really cheats, actually I would probably consider them Easter Eggs.  Easter Eggs are things that are in a book, movie, tv show, or game that are hidden.  Basically RCT has no cheats, but of course it does have hidden things that you could consider cheats.  To find these hidden things you have to name guests with certain names.

Chris Sawyer:  By naming a guest Chris Sawyer you get someone who likes to stop and take pictures every so often.  Of course everyone pretty much knows that Chris is the designer and programmer behind RCT.  Below is a picture of the guest taking some pictures.

Simon Foster:  By naming a guest Simon Foster you get someone who likes to stop and paint on an easel.  Simon Foster is the artist who did all of RCT's artwork.  Below is a picture of the guest painting the scenery.

John Wardley:  By naming a guest John Wardley you get someone who loves to ride thrilling rides.  Gentle rides just don't cut it for him!  However he will not ride anything that is too intense.  Below is a picture of the guests statistics page.

Katie Brayshaw:  By naming a guest Katie Brayshaw you get someone who likes to stop and wave at people from time to time.  Below is a picture of the guest waving at some of the other guests at the park.

Melanie Warn:  By naming a guest Melanie Warn you get a very happy guest.  She will spend money on things, ride things, and be happy the whole time doing so.  Below is a picture of her statistics page.  Oh and I forgot to mention she has no nausea tolerance rating.

Michael Schumacher:  By naming a guest Michael Schumacher you get someone who flies down the go kart track.  When I mean fly, I mean he speeds past other guests while he is racing on the go kart ride.  As most people know Michael is a champion F1 race car driver in real life.  Here is a picture of him on is second lap while everyone else is still on there first!

Mr Bean:  By naming a guest Mr Bean you get someone who will also drive very slow down the go kart track and rarely finish a race on time.  Below is a picture of him slowing people down.


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