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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the RCT Station Frequently Asked Questions section.  Over the course of time, we've been asked a ton of questions.  Some seem to come up far more often than others.  This section is our collection of Frequently Asked Questions.  The contributors of this section is far too many to list.  The entire RCT community had a hand in this.

   A. About the game
   B. Technical Info.
   C. Scenarios
   D. Rides
   E. Shops & Stalls
   F. Staff
   G. Guests
   H. Landscaping & Theming
   I. Research
   J. Finances
   K. Park Management
   L. Cheats & Trainers


1. How can I calculate park value myself
2. How can I increase park value
3. My ride/shop/stall is losing money. What can I do.
4. Can I become bankrupt in a scenario
5. How do I stop from going bankrupt.

1.  How can I calculate park value myself  
You cannot. The manual is very "wooly" about how park value is calculated. You can find out what the park value is by going to the Finances window.
2.  How can I increase park value  
You need to do two things. Spend money and increase your park rating. Park value is the "value" of all your rides, shops, stalls and scenery multiplied by the park rating. The value of your rides etc. becomes less over time. It begins by being greater than or equal to the amount of money you spent on it, and then goes down over time.
3.  My ride/shop/stall is losing money. What can I do.  
You have several options. Which is best depends on how you like to play the game and/or whether you have to try and meet looming scenario objectives. This is a complex subject, and a page dealing with the various options that you have can be found at this link.
4.  Can I become bankrupt in a scenario  

Yes and No. You can find that you have no (or negative) cash, you cannot increase your loan, and you are losing money every month. However, the game will not end the scenario early, and will carry on running until the time limit is reached.

If you find that you are in this financial position, there are a number of ways you can try to recover:

  • Close loss making rides. Rides have no running costs when
    they are closed. Try and find out why they are losing
    money. This link will help you to make them profitable again

  • Demolish any scenery theming (but not trees). This
    increases your cash, but lowers your park value

  • Increase park entrance price, especially if guests are
    commenting how cheap it is!

  • Increase ride prices, especially if guests think that
    they are good value

  • Increase shop prices, especialy if lots of guests are
    hungry and/or thirsty

  • Sack some of your staff to reduce your wage bill

  • Stop funding research. What's the point of research if
    you have no cash to buy the new inventions?

  • Sell rides/shops/stalls. Use some of the cash to build
    cheaper rides, some to get the park rating up higher if
    it's low, and if it's not low advertise for more guests

5.  How do I stop from going bankrupt.  
There is some help on this subject on the web site. If you don't have any money left, and you cannot borrow anymore, basically you have 2 choices. First hire lots of staff to clean the park and mend the rides so the rating goes up and people will come to the park and spend money. Second, demolish rides that people are not riding and use the money that you get to build something else. Don't go mad spending loads of money on rides at the beginning if there's no-one in the park to ride them. Build a few things, watch for the green arrow in the status bar that says loads of people are coming, then don't build anything else until the green arrow goes away. Put the park entrance fee up by between 5 and 10 for every ride you build, put it up every time the guests comment that it's cheap. If you prefer to charge for each ride check the peeps thoughts to see which rides they think are really good value, and put those prices up. I usually double the price that RCT gives to each ride when you first build it, then start to lower it when the peeps start to think that they will not pay so much to ride.


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