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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the RCT Station Frequently Asked Questions section.  Over the course of time, we've been asked a ton of questions.  Some seem to come up far more often than others.  This section is our collection of Frequently Asked Questions.  The contributors of this section is far too many to list.  The entire RCT community had a hand in this.

   A. About the game
   B. Technical Info.
   C. Scenarios
   D. Rides
   E. Shops & Stalls
   F. Staff
   G. Guests
   H. Landscaping & Theming
   I. Research
   J. Finances
   K. Park Management
   L. Cheats & Trainers


1. How can I stop my guests from feeling sick

1.  How can I stop my guests from feeling sick  
If you have lots of guests that feel sick, this is a good sign! It means that they are riding on your coasters and spending money. To help them recover from their sickness, put seating and toilets (bathrooms) outside the ride exits, and avoid putting shops that sell food and drink close to ride exits.


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