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Creating a Parking Lot

Author/Contributors: Dingo 65

Here is an article that explains the way to "hack" a parking lot in Rollercoaster Tycoon. The hack itself is a difficult hack and can take a while if you intend to make it a large one. Another thing is that if done wrong problems can occur and since once the hack is made, the "cars" cannot be deleted so it is a very wise idea to save an extra copy of your park before you attempt to make the hack.

Below, there are two sets of directions: the first one is for people trying to do this for the first time and basically creates one vehicle. The second set of directions is for those who want to make a large parking lot in one step. This saves a lot of time but can be more confusing so it is recommended that you get used to doing it the "simple" way first.

  1. Open the beast trainer. You must have the new version that comes with the option to "Sink Scenery".
  2. Click on the Begin Special Build Mode
  3. Build a car ride (or any other ride type but car ride works best) with one station block and put the entrance and exit on opposite sides
  4. Use the Beast trainer or Dragons trainer to modify the ride you just built.
  5. Put it on power launch mode with a low speed.
  6. Hit the test run button (yellow light) but immediately after you hit it, click the red one so the car sits there dormant
  7. Bring out the Beast trainer and hit "Sink Scenery".
  8. The station should now be underground but the car should remain. If you want to leave it, your done here but if you want to make a parking lot, keep going...
  9. Use the Beast trainer and hit "Execute Build Through".
  10. Take the footpath tool and build a footbath (gray looks best) under the vehicle.
  11. Repeat the step for every car. Once you get the hang at it you can do this "the advanced way"

Once you get used to the steps above, you may notice how slow it takes to make a good 30+-car lot. There is another way to do it, which is basically the same but takes various shortcuts. Here are the steps…

  1. Begin special build using the upgraded Beast Trainer
  2. Build as many one-block stations that you want and put them on power launch mode. When done, hit the test button, and then turn off by clicking the red button so the cars just sit there.
  3. After all your car rides are sitting there with the vehicle in the station dormant, hit the sink scenery button and they all should sink at once.
  4. Finally, hit the "Execute build through" using the Beast Trainer and build a footpath under all the cars.

Once the hack is done you should be left with a very nice looking parking lot. The only downside is that once the ride is underground, the ride/car cannot be deleted. If attempted you will gat an error trapper and your game will crash. If you are not pleased with the way it came out the best thing to do is go back to your back up copy and continue.

Once this hack is mastered you can use it to create many other things such as boats that sit still over water or "demo cars" as I call them, which are seats thet lie in front of a coasters queue, and can be sat in by guests.

If you have any problems, you can private message me or email me at milestailsprower65@hotmail.com.


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