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Scenery Stacking

Author/Contributors: Kulras

The following tutorial will teach you how to stack the abstract scenery objects to make buildings and structures out of them. This tutorial will make use of the Beast trainer, which you can get here. Many procedures must be followed to make sure in the process of doing this you do not wreck your park.

Note: This tutorial only deals with the cube shaped abstract scenery. The other abstract objects are not worked with. However, I feel this tutorial is sufficient, as it deals with a great chunk of scenery stacking anyways. The tutorial will give you enough background knowledge to experiment with the other abstract scenery.

Caution: The Beast trainer only executes special hacks, such as track merging, scenery stacking and road building on objects constructed "in" the special build mode. "Constructed in the special build mode" means anything built or placed after you have selected begin special build mode.

The Beast trainer does not distinguish between scenery and paths, or anything else. That means that if you build your cubes (one of the abstract scenery objects) and a few path segments in the special build mode, then you execute stack scenery not only will the cube move up one level of itís own height (we will go into this in detail later) but the path will also raise one level.

The Beast trainer does not actually "stack" scenery. When the execute stack scenery command is instigated, it will not allow you to build another scenery object above the one you wish to construct over. Rather, it raises all the objects built in special build mode. This tells us that the golden rule of scenery stacking is everything is built from the top.

We found out that the execute stack scenery function raises everything built in the special build mode. What happens is the first layer of cubes you lay down will be raised all the way to the top. Another important thing to remember is when you are finished placing your cubes, you must resist temptation and not execute stack scenery right when you have all the cubes layed down! It is a good idea to mark the corners of your layer of cubes.

Procedure: Now we will go through the exact procedure of this hack step by step. An example screenshot will be included with each step as an extra visual aid. A reminder; this tutorial makes use of the Beast trainer. Open that up if you already havenít. With that, let us dive into the tutorial!

Step 1 - Choose the Dimensions

First off, you need to decide on the size of your structure. This depends on what kind of ride you want to fit under the cover scenery stacking will provide (not in game terms, as the rain will still affect the ride unless it is one that has a cover, such as the circus show.) For 3 x 3 rides, I suggest a 5 x 5 layer of cubes. Accordingly, a 4 x 4 ride deserves a roof of 6 x 6.

The whoa belly is a 3 x 3 ride. To create a cover for this ride, and supports to make the structure realistic, we need a 5 x 5 layer of cubes. The whoa belly is only there for example purposes; you will need to make that 5 x 5 area solid to construct the building.

Step 2 - Time to Build the Structure

Now youíve decided on what ride you want to fit under the building. Now select the Beast trainer, and go to begin special build mode. Make the "roof" of the structure, according to the desired ride. Add 2 to it's footprint to get the correct dimensions of the roof for your structure. Save your game, in case you make some mistakes in the process of making this building. Now, making sure the begin building message has already appeared for you in RCT, lay down the first layer of cubes for the roof of your structure, in the desired color. Use multiple colors if you wish. You have now made the roof of your building. Take your layer of cubes, and observe it's corners - open up the land tool, and select a contrasting land tile. Mark all the edges of this solid layer of cubes.

You can see that i've marked the corners of this "roof" with the sandy colored roof tile. You can easily see this against the surrounding grass that covers the land. Several other tiles will contrast as well; it's only a matter of personal preference.

Step 3 - Support Time

It's time to raise the roof - literally! Go to landscaping > execute special build mode > execute stack scenery, being careful to only hover over the menus. If you click, you may accidentally execute another function of the Beast, or end the build mode completely! This will foil everything - you'll have to do the whole process over. The layer of cubes should have raised a level; place a cube on the corners which you marked with the land tool.

You can see we've raised the layer of cubes by using the Beast's execute stack scenery tool. Now see what it looks like with the first layer of supports.

It's starting to form a structure now; however it's not tall enough to contain a ride. What say you - shall we make it taller?

Step 4 - Kick it up a Notch

Okay, we've determinted no ride is going to fit in that space. What we need to do is add another level of supports to get a ride in there. All you need to do is the same thing as step 3 - go to the Beast, landscaping > execute special build mode > execute stack scenery. The roof, and supports, should have raised another level. Put in another cube on that marked tile; there's another support. I suggest at least 3 supports, so you can view the ride in action. You can add some more, but I find it looks best with 3.

3 supports looks best. There's a scrambled eggs ride under there!

Side Notes

If you want to stick in a Roto Drop, Observation Tower or Whoa Belly, you'll need to punch a hole in the roof of the structure so that those rides can operate above the cover.

This technique is not recognized by the game; it doesn't serve as a cover and allow these rides to be ridden during the rain by peeps. It's only a visual hack.

I have yet to get this technique to work with the other abstract shapes. The alignment will need some reworking and thought so they will match up squarely with each other. Until then, this tutorial only supports the cubic abstract shape.

You cannot raise the land beneath the building, but you can still place the ride, paths and scenery. If you do this, end special build mode then add the desired objects.

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