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Hacking Smoke Stacks used by Buster

Author/Contributors: Michael Zaremba Jr. (Batman Fan)

Hacking Buster's Smoke Stacks are extremely easy when you learn how to do it. You'll need RCT, the Drexler Patch, and the Dragon Trainer version 5. (You can use Version 6, but 5 seems to be more stable for most players.)

Note: If you are working on a park at the current time when you attempt this hack, I suggest saving.

In RCT you can build Factory Smoke Stacks or Steam for coasters by contructing the following.

Find the space you want, for this article we will be using a large space at the level 1. Build an observation tower and place NO "Tower Vertical" Pieces. It is important that you place the entrance and exit for the ride now. Also make sure the tower is at the exact height that you want it.

Next, open the Dragon trainer and select "Rides 2." Select the observation tower and choose the following option "Raise Land to Heighest Piece." Then hit Update this Attraction.

Your tower should now look like:

Now in your Dragon Trainer go to "Rides 1." Choose your observation tower in the current ride section. DO NOT touch anything but the current vechile drop down bar, choose any Rail Road Steam Train. We will use the Steam Train Covered Cars for this example.

Note: Choosing the "Mine Train" will not have the right affect, DO NOT pick it.

Now hit Update this attraction., the next part of the Hack needs to be read fully before trying, I suggest you read it more then once.

Back in RCT, switch to the underground view. (Hit 1 on your keyboard) Now you can see the tower, and hit the yellow test light.

Now you will see a white/gray square like object start to travel up the tower. Watch it travel up until it climbs to the top. Before it travels off of the tower, hit the GREEN light to stop it. It will not travel up or down now. It is stuck and the smoke affect appears.

You may have trouble the first time and it may travel off the track, but just try again. Then for a hidden ride raise the land around it. Try theming it and using different coasters to travel around it. You can be creative.



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