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Integrating Two Rides Together

Author/Contributors: Gazza

To integrate (or hack) two or more rides together you will first have to acquire the Beast Trainer version 2.2 from www.coastergrotto.com. You will also need to run RCT in window mode. To do this, click on the disk in the toolbar and select options; there you will be able to switch to window mode.

To start with, it is a good idea to construct the track of all coasters that are being used. This makes it easier to do all the 'hacking' in a short time, therefore making you more used to it and giving you practice, because good 'hacking' abilities don't come easily. Even people who consider themselves to be good hackers can run into problems.

After constructing all the rides, and to start with, I recommend you integrate only two roller coasters. Also, it is a good idea to integrate the two rides together on straight pieces of track if it is the first time you are undertaking this task. Where you would like the two rides to join, delete the first piece of track from the second roller coaster (we will refer to the second roller coaster as being the one that the roller coaster train will be travelling onto from its original track). Then, open the Beast Trainer and select 'Begin special build mode' from the 'Landscaping' menu. Then, build the track piece back onto the second roller coaster (the piece that you deleted previously). You must wait until you see a message on the message bar that says 'Begin special build mode' before you do this.

After you have done this, right-click on the first roller coaster track that will be integrated with the second roller coaster track. Move the Beast Trainer window above the roller coaster construction window. You must be quick in doing the next task, as you must 'fool' RCT! Select the 'Landscaping' menu and hover the mouse pointer above 'Execute build thru'. Then when you are feeling brave enough double-click on it. The reason for this is that you click the 'Execute build thru' command and then click on the 'Add piece' button on the construction window.

When you have done this, he track on the second coaster should be flashing. If this is not the case then you must go back and start again from the point where you deleted the track on the second roller coaster. If this is the case then you have successfully hacked the two rides!

Before testing the ride, you will need to change the ride mode to 'Powered Launch' in the ride window, under the 'cog' menu. If the ride does not have this option use the Beast Trainer to 'Modify Ride Options' in the 'Rides' menu. There you will be able to change the ride mode for the first roller coaster.

Then test your ride! If you have been successful, then your roller coasters' train should travel straight onto the second roller coasters' track. If you were unsuccessful then the train will crash when trying to leave the first track.

Then, to complete the circuit, you will need to do the same thing, only this time you start by deleting the track of the first roller coaster.

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