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Vending Machines in RCT

Author/Contributors: Mike Robbins

One hack that you can accomplish in Rollercoaster Tycoon is building working vending machines. Of course this isn't an option for RCT, but they can be easily built with patience. I first invented these and used them in the Steve Franks Tribute Park and later in Seven Wonders of the World 2002. I will now guide you in a step by step tutorial on how to make these. Before we begin, the required trainers are the Beast Trainer and the DragonIOA Trainer. The best place to put your vending machines is within the walls of an existing building.

Begin the process by flattening out one or two sections of the building directly next to the path making it the same level as the path.


Now delete the section or sections of path directly in front of the land you just flattened.


Minimize RCT (Alt-Tab) and open the Beast Trainer. In the trainer, click landscaping and choose the Begin Special Build Mode option.


Maximize RCT and place Egyptian themed stone blocks where the path you deleted was closest to where the flattened section of the building is. These stone blocks are the closest resemblance to an actual vending machine.


Minimize RCT again (Alt-Tab) and using the Beast Trainer, go to Landscaping and choose Execute Build Through. Maximize RCT.


Now build your path through the stone blocks and over the sections where you earlier flattened the land to the building.


Now place two banners of your choice behind the stone blocks but before the flattened land. Name them accordingly.


Once the banners are in place, delete the sections of path behind the banners. This is where your concession stands will be placed.


Minimize RCT (Alt-Tab) and go again to Landscaping in your Beast Trainer. Now choose End Special Build Mode and exit the trainer.


Maximize RCT so you can begin to build your concessions. I typically use the regular drink stall and a cotton candy stall as a candy vending machine as my two concessions.


Place your concessions on the flattened section of your building directly behind the banners facing the path.


Minimize RCT once again (Alt-Tab) and open your DragonIOA Trainer. Choose the tab Ride Tools II. Now select the concessions that you just built where it says Current Ride:. Making sure Bury Entire Ride is checked, click the Update This Attraction button. Do this for any concessions you have just built.


Now maximize RCT and you will see that your concession stands are buried.


You can now open your concessions and reconstruct your building.


Congratulations! Your vending machines are now ready for business. Soon you will see the peeps in the game walk right up to the concessions and appear to be buying their drinks and candy from the stone blocks

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