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Hacking Above 61

Author/Contributors: Michael Zaremba Jr. (Batman Fan)

Building coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon has always been limited by Chris Sawyer, we now we can do something about that. Make sure you save before attempting this hack, as this one can be very unstable if not done correctly.

Everyone who has played R.C.T. knows that trainers such as Dragon 5 and TRG just don't do enough to pass the height of "61". This is one of the many features people want to do and it can be done using either "Hex editing" or Beast. (version1.1 and above)

Beast makes it very easy, so we will not even begin with hexing it. As far as I know, Buster was the first to ever "HEX" this hack and I am the first to use the Beast to hack it.

The first thing to do is recognize two things: Roller Coaster Tycoon is like a room. Rooms have ceilings and floors. R.C.T's "Ceiling" is at the height of "63", thus R.C.T displays images up to the height of "65." Likewise, there is a floor in the game, "0" is the lowest height in the game.

So really you can say that their are truly 65 levels in R.C.T (plus the 0 level), instead of the 61 which is commonly thought of by most people.

So to build past these "limits" we need to understand that. But, the second part is that their is truly no way to build past it without hacking. The hack is nothing more then a scenery hack, although it seems to be harder then the average scenery hack.

See, when you build a track piece in R.C.T. under the Beast special build mode, you can think of it really as three pieces. The pieces will not stack right if not built all together. Why? Simply put it, I don't know, but I have discovered that even closing and opening the Beast doesn't work.

So now lets try it, open Beast and go to special build mode. Build a small hill, see this picture.

Now hit stack scenery, this moves the hill up. I have found out that Beast moves the track 2 - 3 levels up each time, why it changes? I don't know. But you must continue to stack these higher and higher. Until the height you want.

WARNING: Do Not stack to fast, your pieces will freeze and become useless. Also if you track disappears, you have stacked to high. This is a hard hack, the solution, start you hill at a different height.

When you reach the height you should have everything in place and it will be your highest coaster ever.

Batman Fan, RCT Station, or Beast trainer are not responsible for anything that happens to your Roller Coaster Tycoon or your saved games. Hack at your own risk.

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