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Hacking Trains and Cars without Stations

Author/Contributors: Batman Fan

In this article we will go over how to make trains appear with out any stations around them. Warning: It is recommend that you save your game before attempting this hack, because this can be extremely unstable. Also, we will show several examples of ways to show the trains.

First, it is extremely important that you know exactly where you want your train to appear. This is vital, because once you hack this, the train can not be deleted. I recommend, that you plan out a small area, hack the trains, and then go from there.

Now that you have an area selected and are sure that you want this area to have this done in, we can start the hacking. Open up Beast 2.3 (Version 2.3 is required for this hack.) Select begin building and build the station only (including the entrance and exit. Do not open it yet.)

Select in the ride's menu box, power launch mode. Now, if your ride is not able to have "power launch mode" under the selection of operational modes, you will need to select that in Beast. Go to the rides menu, select modify rides, select your ride, and then change the operational mode to "power launch mode."

For either methods, I recommend a launch speed of 2 mph, if you have it to high your get the trains noise, like it is moving. (And they shake) So anyone who can select it, still should change it. Also do not set it to zero, otherwise the hack will not be successful.

Now that we finally have it under the right mode, you may want to make sure that your train(s) number is correct to what you want it. (Don't worry about color, it can be changed with no error trappers.)

Finally now that you are sure everything is right, we can hack this. Remember that your ride should not be open. Go and hit the yellow test button, and then hit the red one only once. This should make the train appear in the station, with the restraints up, but not leaving the station.

Go to the landscaping menu in Beast, then to execute special build mode, and then go to sink scenery, do not do stack scenery. Give RCT a second to refresh the graphics (or switch to a different angle of view), and your train is now at level 7 (if you started at 6).

Now that you have hacked this and it is appearing, save your game file, under a different name, just to make sure that no error trappers will occur. Here is how you can use your train now that is it hacked.

Because the train is one level higher then the ground it was placed on, you can build a piece(s) of track below it. This results in a great effect for a transfer track, sitting outside the station.

If you want to really give it a try, place one at the start of a coaster's line. These "one car trains" are used at parks nation wide. I call them "guest test cars," this are used to determine if a younger guest is able to fit into a coaster train and ride.

And finally, you could use these if your making a parking lot.

Remember, you can not delete it now, and if you do you will get an error trapper.

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