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Keyboard Shortcuts

Author/Contributors: Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin

A commonly overlooked tool in games are the keyboard shortcuts.  Unless you master the shortcuts in some first-person shooter titles, for example, your character stands a less of a chance of winning.  Remembering the shortcuts can often separate a great player from a decent player.  Keyboard shortcuts are easier and quicker ways of getting a task done.  Most of us use the keyboard far more than the mouse, so it's more comfortable, easier, and faster to use the keyboard to do a task.  Below is a list of the various keyboard shortcuts used in RollerCoaster Tycoon and its expansion packs.

Viewing Options Shortcuts
0 Shows Height Marks on Paths
1 Underground View
2 Underwater View
3 Transparent Rides
4 Transparent Scenery
5 Invisible Supports
6 Invisible People
7 Gridlines are shown
8 Shows Height Marks on the Land
9 Shows Height Marks on Track Pieces
V Removes Vertical Faces from the Land (LL Add-on)
H Removes Base Faces from the Land (LL Add-on)

Toolbar Shortcuts
Pause Pause
Page Up Zoom Out
Page Down Zoom In
Return Rotate
Tab Map
F1 Land
F2 Water
F3 Scenery
F4 Footpaths
F5 New Ride
F Finances
D Research
R Rides Info
P Park Status
G Guest Info
S Staff
M Messages

Miscellaneous Shortcuts
Backspace Close the Top Open Window
Shift + Backspace Close all Open Windows
Esc Cancel Construction
Z Rotate Ride

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