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RCT Features & Requirements

Author/Contributor: Eric "Ogre" Lizotte

Roller Coaster Tycoon has many features.  This section of the site explains what these game features are for the original game and for the expansion pack.  The expansion packs title is Corkscrew Follies in the United States and Added Attractions everywhere else.

Original Roller Coaster Tycoon Features

The original Roller Coaster Tycoon has 21 official scenarios, realistic rides, scenery themes, and real world physics. There are 14 roller coasters, 4 water rides, 8 thrill rides, three transport rides, 9 gentle rides, 11 shop stalls, and five different themes.  The themes include Roman, Egyptian, Wonderland, Space, and Mine.  Some rides even play music such as the bumper cars and carousel.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Corkscrew Follies Expansion Features

The expansion pack, Corkscrew Follies, adds 30 new scenarios, rides, scenery themes, music themes, paths, textures, and shop stalls.  Some of the new rides include the steel twister roller coaster, heartline roller coaster, roto-drop, ghost train, and the chute-to-chute.  Along with these new rides comes new scenery themes as mentioned before.  These new themes include spooky, jurassic, and jungle.

Corkscrew Follies

Loopy Landscapes Expansion Features

The expansion pack, Loopy Landscapes, adds 30 new scenarios, rides, scenery themes, music themes, paths, textures, and shop stalls.  Stretch your imagination with the new Loopy Landscapes Expansion Pack. From Rocket Ships and Medieval Castles to Winter Wonderlands and new environments, you now have a complete working palette to create your next thrill-a-minute masterpiece.

Loopy Landscapes

System Requirements

  • Multimedia PC with Pentium 90 or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or 98
  • 16 MB of RAM for Windows 95 & 98
  • 50 MB available hard disk space
  • 4x CD-ROM drive for gameplay
  • 1 MB SVGA video card
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Sound board plus speakers or headphones to hear audio
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