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Saving Your Track Design

Author/Contributors: Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin

Chances are you're fairly new to the game if you're reading this, unless you never bothered to read the game manual.  You may wish to save your track design for a few reasons, whether it be sharing with a friend, saving it to use in another park, etc.  Saving the design of the track isn't a one-click method, however, and it does get new players confused from what I've heard.  Follow the instructions below, and you will do just fine.

  1. Finish building your ride.
  2. Test the design for crash or stall problems.  You don't want your people to die or get hung up upside down, do you?
  3. Open the ride window for your ride after the coaster has made one, complete circuit.
  4. Click on the Game Options button on the Toolbar.  It's the one that looks like a Floppy Disk.
  5. Select Save Track Design from the drop-down menu (see images below in article).
  6. Give the track a name, but leave the .td4 file extension alone. (Nemesis.td4 is an example of a proper name).
  7. Choose Okay and it will be saved for later use.  You can find the track file using Windows Explorer if you would like to send it to a friend.
Wrong Way
Proper Way
If the Save Track Design option is grayed out like this one, then you obviously didn't either test the coaster or didn't open the ride window.  Try again. This is what you will get if you've both tested the coaster and opened the ride window.  Well done.
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