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Station Building 101

Author/Contributors: OhiocoasteR

In any park, the station of a rollercoaster can mean a lot. It can ruin the coaster, or make it better. With just a bland station, the ride will look dull. But with an elaborate station, your coaster will look a lot better. In Station Building 101 I'll tell you how to build a good, elaborate station.

Start with the basics. Raise a big chunk of land up. This'll be your station. You can make it wider than 12 units, even though 12 is the max. This'll leave room for the start of the lift hill and the break run.

From this point you can go in several directions. One way is water. Water takes up a lot of space and doesn't look too bad. Depending on the coasters theme, you can theme it using the provided objects in RCT. Egyptian, Roman, or even Space! Though if you're like me, you like to mix and match different themes to make your own theme. For this tutorial, we'll do a station with water.

Start by setting up the land levels. You want to put the land one below where you want it to accommodate for the water. Always leave an edge, to make it more realistic.

Next, add the water. This is the best part about the station. Without the water, you'd have an ugly station.

After adding the water, there are several things you need to do. The first, never leave your border around the water more or less than one unit above the water. Less than, and it's unrealistic, more than you can't see the water.

The second, you need to add the ice edges where the water ends. This creates a waterfall effect, and works better than the other waterfall methods for a station, because it is so compact.

This is the point where you do whatever you want. You can leave the station as it is, terra form it, add trees, scenery, whatever. Get creative. Use interesting wall patterns. As long as it doesn't look too ugly, it'll be good. I chose castle theming for mine, but you can do whatever you want.

Some other tips are to start the lift hill in the station. You can save a lot of room this way. You have all that space in the station. Why go and put the queue line outside? Hide it in the station. It'll hide the eyesore, and save you space at the same time.

Anyways, have fun, and go wild! Don't be afraid to try anything unusual or different. If you don't like it, you can always delete it. Why knows, you could end up with something like this!

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