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Get RCT to run under Windows XP

Author/Contributors: CoasterCreator

Just install the first two expansions, do not even open RCT after each installation, but before you install Loopy Landscapes, read this tutorial for some big tips.

I've come up with an ultimate solution that will work for almost all of the Windows XP Users who are having trouble with installing or running RCT.

As some people on the forums offered as a suggestion, is to change the running mode compatability to an older version of the Windows Operating System. Well, here is what you do: If you already know how to change the compatability modes, you can skip the following section.

First, you right-click on an icon or a shortcut to a program icon, and go to its properties. Then, go to to Compatability tab. There, you check off the "Run this program in compatability mode for:" option. Then the drop down list is able to be selected. Then you'd choose what operating system you'd like to run the program in, click apply, then you're done with it.

Compatability Screen

The Big Part
Pop in the Loopy Landscapes disk, and let the auto-run come up. When it comes up, choose to exit from it, and open up Windows Explorer. Now that you have Windows Explorer running, navigate your way to the CD Drive in which RCT is in. If you keep on trying to get into the contents of RCT and the auto-play window keeps coming up, right click on the CD Drive in which holds RCT, and choose "Explore". Now that you (should be) in RCT's contents, right click on the RCT Icon named "Setup". Now, go set the compatability to run under Windows 98/Me. After that, apply it, then run setup.

After the Installation
After the installation (hopefully) completed, you need to get the official patch from the Official Site (Click here to directly download the official patch). After the patch has extracted and done its job on your RCT, we can continue getting the essentials for RCT. Now, you need the Drexler Patch, which can be downloaded from RCT Station, Right Here. Open it with a ZIP program, and run the rctpatch. After that is all complete, go on and try to run your RCT Game.

If the game doesn't load
If the game still does not load, use the compatability tool and do it to the shortcut to RCT, or the actual game icon in the directory, and make it run under Windows 98/Me. If this still does not solve the problem, you might want to re-install your DirectX controls, by downloading and installing the latest version of DirectX, DirectX v.8.01. Click here to go to Microsoft's download webpage for DirectX 8.01.

If it still doesn't work
E-mail me with the details of your computer, and how your RCT seems to "quit" or not run. blbguy@attbi.com


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