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So, you have something you'd like to submit? Great! Just follow the requirements listed below and send them to redphoenix@ogresnet.com unless otherwise noted. Also, try to use a program like WinZip or Power Archiver to Zip the file(s), and then send them.

There are rules for RCT and RCT 2 submissions, so please look at the right section.

  •  RCT Tracks
    - Include Excitement Rating
    - Include Intensity Rating
    - Include Nausea Rating
    - YOU MAY include screenshots (this is recommended, but not required)
    - It would be appreciated, but it's not required, if you include a .TP4 file along with your track.   There's a utility for creating this in the utilities section.

  •  RCT Parks
    - Include a short description of what's included in the park, such as its rides or its history.
    - Include what version of RCT you used
    - YOU MAY include a screenshot
    - Tell me if your park is a fantasy park or a real park recreation.
    - If the park you made was restricted by park boundaries (usually from a scenario), I won't accept it.  If you're looking for a small park, go to the workbenches page.
    - Be sure to name your park and your rides. Not doing so will get your submission rejected.
    - Consider including a README file.  People often like knowing the history behind the park, as well as a short description of the rides.  This is not required, but it's recommended.

  •  RCT Workbenches
    - We are no longer accepting workbenches.  There are plenty on the site to choose from.

  •  RCT Scenarios
    - Your scenario must be in excellent working order.  People must be able to enter your park and roam around without problems.
    - Your map must be clean and clear.  Be sure that you take the time to put in a good boundary line.
    - All research settings must be set in the Save Game Modifier, so don't use anything else.
    - When sending in your scenario, it must be in .SC4 file format.  To achieve this, use the Save Game Modifier.
    - Don't send in scenarios with a lot of money and simple objectives.  These are scenarios, so make them challenging, but not impossible to complete.
    - Don't send in completed parks.  These are scenarios, not saved games.
    - If a scenario has plots for purchase or build above, they must be accessible (not in the middle of nowhere).
    - Try to spend as much time making your scenario look good.  Loading a park in the Save Game Modifier and throwing in boundaries and an objective isn't the type we like to see, and they won't be added.
    - Send all of the required information about the scenario.  Do not concern yourself with creating the screenshot of the park, we'll take care of it.
    - If you send in five or more scenarios, you will get your very own page to display them on.
    - In a separate text file, include your name/nickname, e-mail address, the scenarios objective, and the scenarios slot number you used.
    - To submit your scenario, click here.

  • RCT 2 Tracks
    - Include a screenshot like the one shown below.

    - Consider including a readme file with your email and "internet alias" so people can contact you with comments and credit you.

  • RCT 2 Saved Games, Scenarios, etc
    - Include some information about what you're sending within the email to help speed up the submission-posting process
    - Include a screenshot of some kind

    - Include what version of RCT you used
    - Tell me if your park is a fantasy park or a real park recreation

  • RCT 2 Scenery
    - Include some information about what you're sending within the email to help speed up the submission-posting process
    - Include a screenshot of some kind
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