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RCT Survivor 2

Everyone has different opinions about the TV show Survivor. Well, whether you like the TV Show or not - if you love RCT, you'll love RCT Survivor! RCT Survivor I is turning out to be a huge success. Here's how Survivor II will be played:

    1. 15 people will be choosen at random for a spot (because of a problem in Survivor I - a contestant has been specially granted a spot in Survivor II). There will be 4 alternates also chosen.
    2. Contestants and alternates will be chosen at random from a sign up list.
    3. Names will be drawn at Random by Rob Tonto and XuXus Petals.
    4. Each contestant will have have a 20x20 piece of land on which to build.
    5. You must build ONLY 1 Go Kart course and no other rides (in fact, no other rides are available).
    6. ALL theming is available.
    7. You will have an open park so that peeps can come in and test the track - but you will have no other rides, shops or stalls available.
    8. The park will be emailed to each contestant and you will have THREE days to work on it.
    9. If the park is not returned within three days, then you can be disqualified and ineligible until Survivor V, BUT before that happens, you may request a bye (see #10 below). If you do not return the park and do not request a bye, then the park can be sent to the next person on the list and your spot will be given to an alternate.
    10. If you receive the park and do not think you will be able to complete your track in the next three days, you may return it WITHIN 24 HOURS and request a "bye".
    11. One (and only one) bye will be given automatically, but you are encouraged not to use it unless you absolutely need it. A bye will move your name to the end of the list (for the last contestant, a bye will allow for 2 extra days to complete the track).
    12. If you request a bye and cannot complete the track a second time, your spot will be given to an alternate and you will be inelligible to compete until Survivor V.
    13. Updates will be made of the entries as they are provided to us.
    14. Once the park is done, it will be available for download and voting will begin.
    15. Every 5 days, all RCT Station members will be able to vote for the track(s) they want to be removed.
    16. When only one track is left, it's creator will be the winner of RCT Survivor II.
    17. There will be no actual prizes given out in this contest, especially NOT a million dollars. BUT, you will receive public recognition for your work and be the envy of all your peers!
    18. Loopy Landscapes and the Drexler Patch are once again required (this may change for Survivor III - but for now we are still requiring it).
    19. If you were a contestant in Survivor I, then you are not eligible until Survivor III. Thanks for your cooperation and participation.

Basically, here's how it works. The park is sent out to one person and they make their Go Kart. They send it back to me and I send it to the next person. The process continues until the park is filled up. Then each week, you will vote on who you want demolished.

Survivor II signup is complete and we're working on getting the entries in.  To vote or ask questions, visit the RCT Survivor Forums.


Current Entries

    Name Entry Preview
    Coasterct Nick ----------------------------------
    Omega RCT ----------------------------------
    Andy ----------------------------------
    Rcttoni ----------------------------------
    neoguy1350 ----------------------------------
    Hybrid Teknikz ----------------------------------
    RCT Mom ----------------------------------
    Kulras ----------------------------------
    elrocko ----------------------------------
    Hallucinating Coaster ----------------------------------
    RCT Master Alex ----------------------------------
    Water Monkey ----------------------------------
    Stealth ----------------------------------
    Michael ----------------------------------
    OcenPacParkLtd ----------------------------------
    Doggfan7 ----------------------------------



Click here to view the results of Survivor I

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