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RCT Survivor 1

Everyone has different opinions about the TV show Survivor.  Well, now Survivor meets RCT to become RCT Survivor!  Here's how it's played:

  1. 20 people will sign up for a spot
  2. Each one will have have a 28x28 piece of land to work with
  3. They must build only 1 coaster and nothing else, however, themeing and land raising is allowed
  4. The park will be emailed to each person and they will have a few days to work on it
  5. Once the park is done, it will be available for download
  6. Each week, people will vote for the coaster they want to be demolished
  7. When only one coaster is left, that one will be the winner
  8. There will be no actual prizes given out in this contest
  9. Loopy Landscapes and the Drexler Patch are required

Basically, here's how it works. The park is sent out to one person and they make their coaster. They send it back to me and I send it to the next person. The process continues until the park is filled up. Then each week, you will vote on who you want demolished. Right now, Survivor I is going on.

Survivor I signup is complete and all entries are in.  Unfortunately, one entry had to be pulled, so we are only going to start with 19.  Voting has begun.  To vote, visit the RCT Survivor Forum.

If you'd like to see the workbench that hosts all of these fine coasters, click here, but you must have Loopy Landscapes.


Congratulations to Matt Jones, the winner of RCT Survivor!


Current Entries

Name Entry Preview
Jared Mine Shaft Mountain
Dustin Griffin Down The Rabbit Hole
Len Whispering Trees
Matt Jones Necrophobia
Mike Robbins Anubis
XuXus Petals The Nutcracker Suite
Tony Apollo 13
The Rat Ice Cold Assassins
ohwiseone Volcanic Ash
Damon S. Pagoda Peaks
David City Slicker
Nick Cold Fusion
Dr. Thinker Nasty North River's Mines
Bill Ingram Santa's Sleigh
Jeff Jensen Twisted Lumber
Michael O'Shields Forest Flight!!!
Adam Brush Fyre
Glenn Roman Gladiator
JJ Mystical Mine
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