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The debut of RCT Station's first Pinnacle Park Spotlight is none other than the Stations' finest and most profound park maker, Mike Robbins. Mike's Virginia Creek Theme Park brings to us a showcase of roller coaster conception, architectural prowess, and superior awe inspiring scenery. Although not a true sequel to Mike's earlier creation, Virginia Historic Park, it has the charm and feel of its predecessor.

The park is situated in the town of Hopewell, a fictional place off of the main expressway in Virginia and contains the most prolific parking lot in RCT2's brief history. This painstaking task must have taken Mike hours to complete and is equipped with everything from your main gate where parking fees are due to the handicap parking area situated next to the entrance of the park.

Upon entrance to the park you find yourselves shrouded in a world of beautiful scenery and architecture. Mike is world-renowned for his minute (pronounced mi-nõõt´) attention to detail and life-like roller coasters, both of which are proudly displayed here. You will find shopping galore, if that is your kind of thing or if you tend to be more of a food connoisseur you will need to explore the parks many cuisine eatery's and restaurants.

This park features 7 fantastic roller coasters from the 300 foot tall Giga Coaster named Forest Blazer to the richly themed and jaw-dropping Coal Miner, which is an Electric Mine Train Ride, fun for all ages. Forest Blazer previously mentioned provides it riders with an overwhelming 19.29 seconds of air time and speeds in excess of 100mph. But wait there's more. We have two wonderfully themed and picturesque wooden roller coasters, Lumberjack and Black Bear, an inverted steel twister named Blue Ridge Screamer which has the best coaster station in the park, a steel flyer named Wild Fire and finally Dynamite Blaster, a stand up twister. Each one of these coasters is a spectacle in itself and will have you literally on the edge of your seat.

And if your nausea rating isn't up for any of the thrilling roller coasters you can discover a multitude of nicely themed and scenic flat rides, a river rapids ride, a log flume ride, a river raft ride or even a scenic railroad that traverse the entire layout of the park both ways. Coasters, architecture, themes, scenery, landscaping; there is nothing this park doesn't have which is why RCT Station is proud to present its first Pinnacle Park Spotlight award to Mike Robbins and his remarkable Virginia Creek Theme Park.


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