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RCT Station is proud to present its second Pinnacle Park, Dark Realm Islands. This is a spectacular park by Alex00087 that took the judges by surprise. The setting for this park is dark and mysterious. The coasters and rides are unusually creative. The architecture is brilliant and attractive. Put all of this together and you have a park that works so well, this 'gloomy' masterpiece is the best of this type I have seen. The park was made in the scenario editor without the use of money and the park closed. If you want to open this park to the peeps, you must open it with the TRG Trainer.

Once inside the park, there are many areas to explore. You can reach anywhere by foot, or ride along the creepy Haunted Express Railroad. On to the coasters, the first one that caught my attention was the wooden twister coaster named Perils of the Atrocious. The nearly 5,000 feet of track is so twisted and dives in and out over the trees and terrain, you will never know where it will end up. Another section of the park near this coaster is probably the most fascinating, the hotel and resort complex. The layout looks so realistic and everything is finely detailed with balconies and a central pool. This is the most impressive hotel and resort I have seen in Roller Coaster Tycoon.

The Haunted Rivers of Transylvania is another excellent ride. This river ride takes riders through four and a half minutes of screams and thrills while plunging you down two gigantic drops. The bazaar steel twister layout of The Endangered Exploit is an eight-inversion beast that will have the peeps begging for mercy. The riders will never know what hit them or which way they will turn as the coaster uses the surrounding area to its advantage. The last ride I will mention is the multi-dimension coaster, Phantom's Flight. This coaster is stunning and is the best example of this type of coaster I have seen. It is beautifully crafted and a delight to watch. The only complaint in the entire park would be the intensity ratings of this coaster, which is rather high. But this is the only flaw and the rest of the park more than makes up for it.

There is so much to see in this park that it is impossible to review everything. This is a must download and a great second installment of the Pinnacle Park series. Congratulations once again to Alex00087. You have definitely made a name for yourself with this extraordinary effort.


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