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The newest Pinnacle Park takes us back to the glory days of Loopy Landscapes. The park is the long awaited Lights, Camera, Action by the RCT Masters.

This is the 12th release by RCTM and is a combined effort of work by Dantheman, Ice Dragon, Nic T (the Matrix), rct flame, rwadams, and Stargazer. This is a movie park divided into seven sections. The entrance area is simply called the midway and it is home to the "Greatest Show on Earth" launched shuttle coaster. But the thrills are just beginning. "Incubus" is one of the bright stars of this park. The vertical coaster by rwadams features a 164 foot drop straight into the ground and blasts through three inversions all at an impressive 10.46 excitement rating. The spooky theming is enough to make any peep think twice about riding this monster.

"Vertical Limit" is a nicely done hacked steel coaster using a steep lift hill and large loops. Nic T does a great job with the winter theme which is considered a challenge to make look good. Urban theming is another item in RCT that is hardly used at all. Stargazer takes on this challenge in the Super Hero section of the park with his floorless coaster "Iron Man." The coaster dives through tunnels and seven big inversions of pure adrenaline. The coaster doesn't slow down a bit until the final brake run.

What may be one of the best wooden coasters in RCT is in this park. Dantheman does an outstanding job with the twisting "Maverick." This 5,000 foot long gunslinger in the Wild West section has a 95 foot initial drop while going over the 9.00 excitement rating barrier. But the layout and beautiful theming will keep your eyes busy for sure.

The entire park is one great effort by the team at RCT Masters. Congratulations to them for becoming the first club to win Pinnacle Park as well as the first RCT:LL park to win too.


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