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Batman Fans' Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Batman Fan (Michael Zaremba). All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by Mike Robbins.

1. 3 Forces of Nature

Description:  This is Batman Fan's second mega park. It is an improvement from Farm and Berry Resort, but still lacks great theming and landscaping. The one coaster that did stand out was "The Search for Dr. Livingston." With the tallest drop at a mere 55 feet, this coaster gets through nine inversions while weaving through a jungle based landscape.
Download | File Size: 193kb


2. Almost Heaven: West Virginia
Description:  Almost Heaven: West Virginia is Batman Fan's third park but unlike his first two, he shows his potential of great park building skills. One ride that caught my attention was the coaster named after park, Almost Heaven. It is a smaller and more simple design, but it shows how a good coaster should be made. There is also a nice wooden coaster called "Hill of Her Ghost" winding through the forest and a fort.
Download | File Size: 186kb
3. Farm and Berry Resort
Description:  Farm and Berry Resort is Batman Fan's first mega park. It also only took him six days to make as indicated in the attached read me file and it shows. This is a fair park for being his first mega park but it lacks great theming, landscaping, and coaster building skills seen in most other mega parks. The one highlight in this park is the nice looking steam boat. But besides that, I would recommend checking out Batman Fan's more recent parks.
Download | File Size: 139kb
4. Six Flags Great America  
Description:  Six Flags Great America is Batman Fans first real park recreation.  SFGrAm is located in Gurnee, Illinois and has a lot of coasters to choose from.  They include Bolliger & Mabillard's first coaster, Iron Wolf and the first Batman: The Ride coaster.  As far as recreations go, there was a lot of time and effort put into this park.  Most recreations are hurried and not very well done, but Batman Fan did a great job.  There are two of Steve Franks' recreations as well as Batman Fan's own creations.  This is however a wide path park, but according to the attached word document, a peep friendly park is due sometime in the future.
Download | File Size: 1.19mb
5. The Eyes of Ruby
Description:  The Eye's of Ruby is Batman Fan's fourth mega park and this is a very big improvement from previous parks. The landscaping is much improved, theming is great, and the coasters are looking better. One of the coasters called "Xenocide" is hacked to build above the restricted height limit of RollerCoaster Tycoon. But to be honest, it doesn't fit the size of the park map and seems to stick out like a sore thumb. And for a big hyper coaster, I would expect better ratings. But the other coasters are great, including "The Ruined Emerald", a Bolliger & Mabillard inverted design with five inversions. This park ranks among the better one's I have seen and I look forward to another Batman Fan creation.
Download | File Size: 165kb
Download Version with Custom Music | File Size: 3.99mb
6. The Mercury Bath / Gods Between Rain Drops  
Description:  The Mercury Bath / Gods Between Rain Drops is Batman Fan's final park in the ruby and emerald series.  To be honest, this isn't my favorite park by Batman Fan, but it is still a great looking park compared to most RCT parks you will find.  As you first open the park, it is appropriately raining, giving you a feel for the park and setting you in the mood.  The best coaster in the park is called Temptation, a classic-looking wooden coaster featuring plenty of tall and fast turns with speeds reaching 65 mph.  You will also find a great vertical coaster, which seems to be Batman Fan's speciality, called Desire Holds The Moment Still.  Give this park a look.  You won't be disappointed.
Download | File Size: 176kb
7. The Ruined Emerald
Description:  The Ruined Emerald is Batman Fan's follow up park to The Eye's of Ruby, and once again he shows off his talent as one of the best newcomers in RollerCoaster Tycoon.  Like his previous park, this is a generally medieval themed park.  There are several great coasters here but the one that stood out was Adore the Ruby, a Bolliger & Mabillard vertical coaster.  It twists through 3,704 feet of track and goes through one inversion.  This park is a must download for RCT gamers of all types.
Download | File Size: 164kb
Download Version with Custom Music | File Size: 4.09mb


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