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Bob Hooley's Saved Games

All of the saved games found on this section of the site have been contributed and created by Bob Hooley, a park and coaster enthusiast I found on the news groups.  You can visit Bob's personal site at http://members.aol.com/bobcoaster/index.html.  All descriptions are taken from the readme files accompanying the parks.  Also, all of these parks require the Loopy Landscapes expansion pack, the Drexler Patch, and I have nuked the peeps.  If you would like a "peep-filled" version, email Bob, and he'll send you a copy of it.

1. Bayside Park Pier
Description:  This park was created with a bit of Coney Island's Steeplechase Park in mind. That is the reason for the 4-track Steeplechase ride in this park, and the reason that same ride encircles a building housing other rides and attractions. Of course, I had to throw in wooden coasters and other attractions, so the end result is somehow a cross between California piers and Coney Island. But it was fun to create, and I hope you enjoy it.
Download | File Size: 143kb
2. Beach Park
Description:  While Beach Park is not my overall best park, I liked some of the coasters in it, so I wanted to include it on my RCT page. I particularly liked the wood twisters, but since the park included my first effort at a woodie with a loop, I thought it noteworthy for that alone. I think this is also my first offering of a "flying coaster", too. I enjoy the challenges of fitting looping, launched coasters into a "building", but subsequent efforts surpass this one. But overall, I hope you enjoy the park's coasters. Please be aware that when I design a coaster with a midcourse block brake (such as the looping woodie in Beach Park), I always test the ride with the brake set at the minimum speed (4 mph) to see if the ride would make it back to the station. If it doesn't, I can't consider it to be a proper block brake, and I'll tinker with the ride.
Download | File Size: 192kb
3. Bob's Castle Piers
Description:  As I stated in some posts, this park began as an attempt to create a variation on Coney Island, but it evolved into an amusement area more reminiscent of Wildwood, NJ. It's interesting how my parks almost take on a life of their own. Usually I begin with the coasters; with this one, I began with the double carousel. The whole effort, though, was about creating a castle-themed dark ride! This is my first Loopy Landscapes park. I used some of the new footpath supports to create the piers, and then packed and stacked the rides, much as the real Wildwood piers do. So I ended up with 3 darks rides and 3 wooden coasters, plus numerous other coasters and many flat rides. I also used the new thrust-air coaster and the new motorized boat ride (which is in the log flume reservoir).
Download | File Size: 228kb
4. Bob's Leafy Lake Park
Description:  This park is one of my earlier creations. In fact, it ranks among my very earliest existing parks; a few featured on my RCT page at its beginning were lost in a hard drive crash. So you'll perhaps notice that I've changed my park designs, in that newer parks are more complete. Leafy Lake has a very pleasant feel to it, but it tends to be awkward in design. I could do better with it if I were to start a new park now. But I like the coasters in this park.
Download | File Size: 185kb
5. Bob's Playland
Description:  This park, like Playland in Rye, New York, is a "planned" amusement park. Like Playland, it features a mall of trees, with most of the rides along that mall. Each end of the mall is framed by a tower ride. A monorail runs down the middle of this mall, and every effort has been made to make the park a lovely and soothing place visually. However, it includes the usual complement of roller coasters and other rides, as there are several Fred Church-like coasters in addition to a large racer and an out and back. The park also has a Wild Mouse, train, a themed mine/dark ride, a dark ride (before the Ghost Train), and even an Old Mill!
Download | File Size: 195kb
6. Coney Island
Description:  This park is a tribute of sorts to old Coney Island. It is not an attempt to recreate the actual coasters at Coney. Rather, it's an opportunity to be influenced by those coasters, but to still create my own designs. So the "Tornado" is the centerpiece, and I'm really proud of it! I placed it on rooftops as the actual Tornado was placed, and the station is inside one of the buildings. The other coasters take their names from actual Coney coasters, but again are my own designs. The "California" Giant Dipper, derived from the Whirlwind Dipper by Fred Church, was just something I wanted to do. Coney Island had a monorail at one point, I believe, so I included that.
Download | File Size: 184kb
7. Evergreen Forest
Description:  This park was created before the advent of the expansion pack, Corkscrew Follies. However, I added a few little items to the park after CF came out. As always, you can see my fascination with wooden coasters - especially if they intertwine! And I do LOVE twisters. But I thought (for me) the inverted coaster was ok - I'd rather ride this one than a standard SLC!!! I did enjoy the mine train. The Oblivion style coaster just is not going to result in an inspired design from me, since I just don't "get" that style of coaster to begin with. But I thought it was time that I included one.
Download | File Size: 213kb
8. Evergreen Gardens 3
Description:  This park was created prior to the release of Corkscrew Follies. So it's somewhat more primitive than the parks I've made more recently. Even so, I liked the coasters in this park and saved it for inclusion on my RCT page eventually. I certainly considered the inspiration for these coasters (in that their lift hills are lined up) to be Euclid Beach, which sported a similar and real configuration! Of course, the similarities end there. The park includes no steel coasters, and few rides other than the woodies. My older computer had some problems running this park, but my new one is ok with it.
Download | File Size: 196kb
9. Evergreen Gardens 4
Description:  This is one of my old parks, having been created before the first expansion pack came out. However, the park was not fully completed until the last couple of months. I added the corkscrew, trees, and facilities (food/restrooms/souvenirs). I did this park at a point when most of my parks were done in the Evergreen Gardens landscape, and when most of my parks included a Beast-like ride. I previously included many wooden coasters in my parks; now I rarely go over 3.
Download | File Size: 215kb
10. Evergreen Gardens 5
Description:  Evergreen Gardens 5 is one of my very earliest parks. You can probably know that just from viewing it! It's much more primitive than any of my later parks, and much less complete. However, as home to both a wooden dueling coaster and a wooden racer, it's worth having kept. Besides those, the park features a wooden out and back, a ravine woodie, and a Shivering Timbers-like coaster. There is also a junior woodie, and a wooden twister. In addition to those, the park has 3 variations on a mini steel - a regular mini steel, an enclosed spinning mini steel, and a rocket (Galaxi-type) coaster. I also included a boomerang. The park was offered on this page, but has been withdrawn until the evening of 2/22/01.
Download | File Size: 199kb
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