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Dantheman's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Dantheman. All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by Red Phoenix.

1. Blue Dove  

Description:  An attractive park with the regular wide pathing that we're all used to from Dantheman.  Could have used an extra coaster, perhaps.
Download | File Size: 168kb


2. Colorado Beach  

Description:  His third round entry in the 2002 March Madness contest, Colorado Beach has a well-built wooden coaster called Colorado Coastre, which has almost 5,000 feet of track to thrill you.
Download | File Size: 64kb


3. Eden

Description:  Eden offers very little in terms of attractions.  Eden is very appealing to the eye on the other hand.  The wide paths will cause problems with peeps, so keep that in mind.
Download | File Size: 86kb


4. Emeralds Land of Adventure
Description:  Emeralds Land of Adventure is a regular cornicopia of coaster and landscaping designs.  The coasters are pretty basic in their designs, unfortunately, and the park is very mediocre.
Download | File Size: 258kb
5. Emeralds Water Park & Resort
Description:  I wasn't overly impressed with the 'water park' aspect of the park, because there's very little of it.  This is much more of a castle-themed amusement park than a water park and resort.  There are a few coasters in the park, and they look very nice.
Download | File Size: 132kb
6. Grasshopper Gardens
Description:  Grasshopper Gardens is a large park, built in the form of islands.  While this seems to be common practice, I don't think it looks attractive.  The park may consist of a lot of islands, but there are several attractions in the form of roller coasters in the park.
Download | File Size: 123kb
7. Odyssey Rocks
Description:  Coming from an entry in a contest, Odyssey Rocks is a mini park, containing only one coaster, a mini-steel.  The terrain has a rocky feel to it, and it obviously took a while to make the landscaping.
Download | File Size: 64kb
8. Six Flags Daytona Beach
Description:  Six Flags Daytona Beach is a fairly typical park in concept.  There are several attractions to choose from.  I liked that the winter theme was thrown into the park as a bit of contrast.
Download | File Size: 156kb
9. The South Bank  

Description:  Visually attractive with landscaping, water, and wide paths.  There are two nice wooden coasters here to check out.
Download | File Size: 176kb


10. Transylvania  

Description:  His fourth round and winning entry in the 2002 March Madness contest, Transylvania has a large inverted coaster called Vapiro, clocking in with an intensity of 9.99.
Download | File Size: 64kb


11. Ye Old Ashton  

Description:  His second round entry in the 2002 March Madness contest, Ye Old Ashton features a large steel coaster, the Snowflake Express, which is built in a nice winter community.
Download | File Size: 72kb



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