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Dingo 65's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Dingo 65. All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by Mike Robbins, unless otherwise noted.

1. Adventure Islands

Description:  Adventure Islands is one of Dingo's early parks. Much like an early RCT park, this is packed with a large variety of coasters. This park contains nearly every type of coaster and theme available so there is something for everyone.
Download | File Size: 181kb


2. Azure River  
Description:  Azure River is a huge double mapper and Dingo's best work to date.  There is a total of seventeen roller coasters in both maps of all kinds of variations and styles.  There is also many themes and hacking throughout the park too.

In Map 1, you will find many surprises including Bandit, a floorless steel twister.  It features six hair-raising inversions and an impressive 9.56 excitement rating to go with it.  The rest of this map is also a must see.

Map 2 also has a lot of nice features including a casino, a skate park, a baseball field, and many other highlights.  The star coaster of this map is the giant hyper coaster called The Ultimate.  It is hacked to be built above the normal Roller Coaster Tycoon height limit and has a steep 90 degree first drop that would make any peep drop a load!

Be sure to check this great double mapper out today!

Download | File Size: 1.41mb


3. Beachside Resort and Themepark
Description:  This park is big! Big buildings, big coasters, big theming. This is a nicely done park but there were some minor problems with lost mechanics and crashing rides. Despite that, there is one coaster worth mentioning. It is called Apocalypse: The End of Earth. It is a non-looping steel twister stretching a whopping 12,787 feet and clocking in at four minutes. The excitement rating is through the roof at 11.25! Be sure to check this one out.
Download | File Size: 161kb
4. Fantasy Island
Description:  Fantasy Island is an early looking park from Dingo. It's not very well done and the coasters are a bit sloppy. Dragon Rage has a 10.13 excitement rating but is flying through the track at an incredible speed.
Download | File Size: 164kb
5. Frost Bitten
Description:  This is a winter themed park with a lot of coasters in it. The park is decent but lacks structure. If you want to see a funny coaster though, take a look at Weirdest Coaster on Earth. It has four inversions, all of them travelling at one mile per hour!
Download | File Size: 176kb
6. Industrial City
Description:  Industrial City is a metropolis of buildings and coasters. Like all of Dingo's parks, you will find some unique and weird coasters. Armageddon Flight One & Two are hyperactive steel twisters with excitement ratings of over 11.00!
Download | File Size: 173kb
7. Neon River Amusement Park
Description:  Neon River Amusement Park is a traditional looking park with a wide variety of rides. One coaster called Greyhound is a nice wooden twister resembling an out-and-back from the 1920's. This park is a good effort worthy of looking at.
Download | File Size: 180kb
8. Thunder Valley
Description:  Thunder Valley is a nice park that doesn't look thrown together like a lot of mega parks. Molaria and Yellow Fever are dueling flying coasters with a 9.97 and a 10.25 excitement rating. Give this park a download. You won't be disappointed.
Download | File Size: 175kb
9. World of Dragon Ball
Description:  Get ready to have your eyeballs melt in your skull! This park has a lot of brightly colored coasters to choose from. Of course there are a lot of crazy designs too. You'll just have to download this park to see for yourself!
Download | File Size: 189kb


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