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Funland Amusements

The saved games below are from Phil.  They are factitious theme parks he created.  This guys parks are better than the real deal in the Ogre's opinion.  He could probably design parks in real life hehe.  Anyhow all of his parks are his own are very cool downloads.

1. Funland Boston
Description:  Funland Boston has plenty of great stuff.  Most of the rides are surrounded with beautiful forests.  This makes not only riders happy, but also excites them some more.  Shown in the picture is a roller coaster known as the Boston Massacre.  This speed coaster deserves this name for sure.  The other coaster in the picture is the shuttle flight.  As you can gather by the name it is a flying coaster.  Its ratings are over an 8 in excitement!

Download | File Size: 112kb

2. Funland California
Description:  Funland California has to have one of my favorite rides of them all.  It has a true steeplechase ride that you would have seen at a place like Coney Island.  Phil did one heck of a job here!  There are also several other great coasters in this park.

Download | File Size: 131kb

3. Funland Hershey
Description:  Funland Hershey has some great rides.  But the one that stands out the most is the wooden twister you will find there.  It is very nice to look at as it dives through the forest trees around it.

Download | File Size: 62kb

4. Funland Jacksonville
Description:  Funland Jacksonville has one amazing collection of great coasters.  But by far the most amazing one is the dueling inverted coaster.  Both coasters cut in out of each other many times.

Download | File Size: 97kb

5. Funland over Kentucky  
Description:  Funland over Kentucky is possibly the best Funland park featured here.  Phil has been improving his themeing skills.  I still think his coaster- building skills could use a little work, because a few of these were somewhat mediocre.  A pair of wooden duelers was impressive, as was the steel coaster pictured to the right. -- Red Phoenix

Download | File Size: 105kb

LL Required

6. Funland Miami
Description:  Funland Miami has a very cool wooden twister coaster.  It is surrounded by trees and has many tight turns.  Overall it is just a great ride to look at.  There are also some other surprises that you will find here.

Download | File Size: 416kb

7. Funland New York
Description:  Funland New York has an interesting log flume in it and many coasters.   The log flume is cool to look at because of its length.  I don't think many people spend this much time on a log flume.  It just has lots of drops and turns which makes you want to just watch it.

Download | File Size: 81kb

8. Funland Over Ohio
Description:  Funland Ohio will leave you breathless.  There are many extremely kick butt rides here, but the one that will leave guests with some anxiety is the space themed hypercoaster.  This ride gets well over an 8 in excitement.  And it deserves that rating too!

Download | File Size: 121kb 

9. Funland Orlando
Description:  Funland Orlando has some very spectacular rides but none more so than the Montu inverted coaster. It snakes through a nicely done Egyptian theme area. Also, it has lots of inversions to keep riders off-guard.

Download | File Size: 98kb

10. Funland Palm Harbor
Description:  Funland Palm Harbor is another one of those parks that you find hard to leave.  One of the coasters that makes it like this is the large green steel twister coaster. You can't miss it with the martian theme around it.

Download | File Size: 97kb

11. Funland San Diego
Description:  Funland San Diego is litterally crammed with every kind of ride that you can find in RCT.  The amount of kick butt coasters is unbelievable.

Download | File Size: 135kb 

12. Funland Tampa
Description:  Funland Tampa is another park with many types of rides.  But by far one of the coolest is the inverted coaster with its many inversions and tight turns.

Download | File Size: 81kb 

13. Funland Wisconsin
Description:  Funland Wisconsin is one very cool park.  There are just too many great rides to talk about here!   Each one though will leave visitors dazed and happy.

Download | File Size: 126kb



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