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Great Brain's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Great Brain. All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by Mike Robbins.

1. Forest of Adventure

Description:  Forest of Adventure is a general mega park with various mixed themes and rides. There is something for everyone in this park. One interesting ride is the hyper coaster called Forest Fire. It is a massive 9,761 feet long and features 31 total drops. Altogether, this park has eleven coasters plus many other rides. Give this park a download and see them all for yourself.
Download | File Size: 628kb


2. Great Lands of Amazement
Description:  This is your average mega park. It has a good amount of theming and plenty of rides. Great Brain hasn't developed into a great park maker yet, but he has the right ingredients to do so. One, or should I say two coasters featured in this park is a pair of power-launched shuttle coasters called Dueling Dragons. The interesting part about these is the terrain the trains travel through and that the coasters are on the edge of a cliff making the rides more exciting.
Download | File Size: 609kb
3. Lost Worlds Amusement Park
Description:  This is a much older park from Great Brain that is from 2001. You can tell the difference from this park and his current work but this is still a good park. One coaster displayed is called Scaremare Lake. It is a steel twisting inverted coaster with four inversions that travels mostly over water.
Download | File Size: 809kb


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