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Jalle's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Jalle. All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by Mike Robbins.

1. Amazon Adventure

Description:  Amazon Adventure is a mini park from Jalle consisting of two coasters that interact with each other called Anaconda and Zamorak. Anaconda is a thrilling steel twister packing in seven inversions and Zamorak is a wild suspended coaster. There is a couple of other rides in the park too. What I don't like is the odd mix of all of the different land textures used. It's a rather tacky look, especially with a few snowy trees in an Amazon environment.
Download | File Size: 69kb


2. Palm Beach
Description:  Palm Beach is easily one of the most anticipated parks of the summer of 2002 in the RCT community. The park certainly does live up to its hype. The architecture and theming is top notch and the coasters are interesting to say the least. One coaster in particular is a wooden coaster called Montana. This is one of the best layouts I have seen on a coaster and it blends with the surrounding landscape very well. Another great coaster is Aquinstar, an excellent water coaster. Water coasters are one of the more difficult coasters to make look good but Jalle does a supreme job. Overall, this is a must download that is truly impressive.
Download | File Size: 918kb


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