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KaiBueno Coasters' Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by KaiBueno Coasters (Kai Reichman). All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by Red Phoenix.

1. Die Kathedrale Des Zweigs Di Linhians

Description:  This is KaiBueno's third mini-park to be released.  It was submitted as an entry for our February 2002 contest, and it actually won first place.  The rules of the contest allowed for one coaster.  KaiBueno chose Inverted and constructed all of the loops and helixes you would expect to find in a quality coaster.  If you think the name is a little weird, you're not alone. The history about the German name of the park is all in the DOC file which is of course included with the park
Download | File Size: 244kb


2. Glasshouse Gardens  

Description:  Glasshouse Gardens is Kai's fifth Roller Coaster Tycoon mega park, and easily his best. The self-proclaimed "Disney on crack" park is full of bright pastel colors that is a welcome change compared to the typical brownish parks usually made by everyone else. This park is so popular, it won the RCT Station 2002 Award as the Best Staff Member Park beating a handful of other very well known parks. Kai has truly put his name on the map as a great RCT builder with this project.

The rides and coasters in this park is not the typical up and down "same old" either. These rides are unique and very different. Disco Fever is one coaster that caught my eye. It is a regular steel coaster that uses the surrounding architecture so well and is fun to watch. Another notable coaster is Aileron, an inverted steel twister packing in seven big inversions. So put on your sunglasses and enjoy this wonderful park by Kai.
Download | File Size: 833kb


3. Holly Dale Village
Description:  Holly Dale Village is KaiBueno's second mini-park to be released.  This park resembles a small wintery village somewhere.  Complete with a lodge, large and small attractions, and restaurants, you will certainly find something in here to do.  The medium-sized flying coaster goes underground (and underwater) quite a bit, so you cannot see all of the ride.  This does add important excitement points to the ride.
Download | File Size: 208kb
4. Hollywood Hills
Description:  The Ogre has said it many times before that Mike Robbins does an awesome job with the theme in his parks. With Hollywood Hills this is very much evident, however it is not only him. Here we have the talents of three other great RCT themers and ride designers at work. And wow, what a park! First off your eyes will never get tired. You will see visual things that will just blow your eyeballs out from your head! Not only is the theme good, but the rides are as well. This park is a movie park, so you know it must not only have beautiful scenery, but also great thrilling rides. You will not be disappointed here either. The rides are quite spectacular. Ogre likes them all. His favorites are Blazing Saddles, a wooden twister with a wild west theme by Kai Reichman; A Bugs Life, a wonderland themed mini steel by Mike Robbins; The Golden Child, a unique Vekoma shuttle coaster built by Kai Reichman; Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, two dueling inverted coasters done by Corkscrewed; Enter the Dragon, a cool Arrow corkscrew done by Mike Robbins; Indiana Jones Spectacular, a mine train done by Mick Diebold; Steel Raptor, a steel twister by Mike Robbins which is themed with a Jurassic park feel; and last but not least the river rapids ride. Everything is awesome. As you can see most of the rides Ogre loved!
Download and Get More Information
5. Isles of Cerulea
Description:  In case you can't tell by the name, this is constructed on a number of islands.  I've never really found this type of construction to be very appealing to the eye, but you be the judge of that.  Each island has its own landscaped theme and roller coaster.  This is a fair park.
Download | File Size: 335kb
6. Monsoon Lagoon  
Description:  This is Kai's fourth mini park. The park was actually from the RCT Station March Madness 2002 contest. The coaster featured in the park is called Monsoon. It is a steel mini coaster with plenty of swirling helixes that resembles a monsoon. There are two versions of the park. One is the contest version and the other includes additional rides. You can even pick up a souvenir 'Wet T-shirt.'
Download | File Size: 128kb
7. Oak Hill Fun Park
Description:  Depending on which file you decide to download, you will get either the last few years or the entire history of Oak Hill Fun Park.  Typically, the first year of a park looks much, much different than that of the last year.  WIth this park, however, the land is not nearly as different than I thought it would be.  The coasters are obviously not present in the first year of the park, but that's only half of the "park evolution illusion".  The coasters weren't spectacular, but the Firecracker looked very nicely done as a wooden out-and-back coaster.
Download 1999-2001 | File Size: 232kb
Download 1941-2001 | File Size: 888kb
8. Olde Stakes Trolley Park  
Description:  Olde Stakes is Kai's fifth mini park. This is another contest entry from the May 2002 Side Friction coaster contest. This entry finished in second place. The park is made to resemble an old amusement park from before the time of steel giants. This park has four coasters. The Charleston is a twisting, Virginia Reel coaster. Stake-Out is a classic out-and-back wooden coaster. Stake's Switcharoo is a seldom made wooden reverser coaster. And the contest coaster is the side friction coaster called Everglides. There is also a handful of other rides to see.
Download | File Size: 92kb
9. Primus USA
Description:  Primus USA was Kai's first mini park, and believe me, you can see the gradual improvements he's made from this park to his more current work.  Primus USA's coasters are well done, as is the landscaping, but like I said, there has certainly been a continual improvement since this park.
Download | File Size: 92kb
10. QuestWorld
Description:  Here we have one of the early creations by Kai in QuestWorld.  Parts of this park have a futuristic feel, but the park as a whole is a combination of themes and concepts.  The coasters were nicely done.
Download | File Size: 179kb
11. Salamander's Sojourn
Description:  Kai's very first mega park, Salamander's Sojourn is a multi-themed park with several small coasters.  The Roman-themed flyer, Into Mt. Vesuvis was fairly well done, with the proper combination of speed, drops, and inversions, so as not to make every rider up-chuck on their way out the exit.
Download | File Size: 170kb


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