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Jared Misner's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Jared Misner. The descriptions of each saved game were done by Red Phoenix.

1. American Historical Park
Description:  Here's a very unique park. The rides were named after things or people in America's history. For example, you'll find rides named Lincoln, Carter, Ronald Reagan, Civil War, George Bush, etc. Pictured is a side-friction coaster named George Washington.
Download | File Size: 153kb
2. Cartoon Network Land
Description:  The rides in this park are named after shows on the Cartoon Network. Great rides and great themeing! Pictured is Scooby Doo.
Download | File Size: 161kb
3. Glenlock Gardens  
Description:  Glenlock Gardens is the first park from Jared Misner in quite a while.  He's improved his skills, and it shows.  The themeing looks good, as do the coasters. You'll also find a sports stadium in one of the corners.
Download | File Size: 266kb
4. Hell
Description:  To be perfectly honest, I wasn't impressed with this park. There are two coasters, a bathroom, two sea-food stalls, and a lemonade stall in the park. That's it!
Download | File Size: 227kb
5. Jared's Riverfront Amusement Park  
Description:  I was impressed with this park the first time I saw it. It took 1st place in a contest at Cav's RCT Depot a while ago. The themeing is great here. Here's a picture of a Floorless coaster named Mamba.
Download | File Size: 381kb
6. Mid-Evil Times  
Description:  With all of the scenery available to a player, this only seemed natural for a park.  The rides are named after people that fit the time (The Rabbii, Robin Hood, etc).  The Rabbii is pictured to the right.
Download | File Size: 179kb
7. Misner's Land of Imagination  
Description:  Land of Imagination is all about big coasters. There are some monsters here.  Pictured are a pair of Inverted coasters, The Diamondback, and The Viper.
Download | File Size: 155kb
8. Misner's Nile  
Description:  Wow! If I'm not mistaken, this was one of Jared's first parks. It may not be perfect, but it's pretty good. The themeing is great. Pictured are a pair of woodies, Julius and Caesar.
Download | File Size: 145kb
9. North Hampton Oaks Amusement Park  
Description:  Jared Misner is one of the originals from the beginning of Rollercoaster Tycoon in 1999 to make mega parks. His start was just around the time I joined into the online community. He has never been a consistent park maker though, seeming to vanish for months at a time before reappearing with a new park. It was a surprise to me when I received an email of this park with his name stamped on it! He hasn't missed a beat and this park is another great Misner creation. My favorite coaster is the inverted coaster, Aero Wing. It is a simple, yet eye-catching coaster going through five inversions and beautiful landscape. Another note about Jared's parks is that he makes great bridges! Be sure to check out his latest architectural gem. - Mike Robbins
Download | File Size: 186kb
10. River Mountain  
Description:  This took some time to make, I'll tell you that. The themeing is wonderful. The coasters are HUGE! The Terrible Twister (shown to the right) consists of nearly 40,000 feet of track.  Lumber-Jack (partially shown in the picture to the right) is nearly 22,000 feet of track.
Download | File Size: 460kb
11. Santa Town  
Description:  There's an old saying, "Good things come in small packages." This is a VERY small park, and it's great. Think of this as a mini-Christmas Wonderland.
Download | File Size: 142kb
12. Thrillseekers Paradise  
Description:  I wasn't quite as impressed with this one as I was with the other parks Jared has made. Within the first three minutes of observing this park, Cleopatra's Death Snetence crashed, killing 12 people (poor sim peeps).  One thing I liked was the bobsled coaster named Cleopatra. Bobsled coasters can be tricky to build, since they have a tendency to jump track.
Download | File Size: 350kb


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