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Robert Stelling's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Robert Stelling aka Roboparks. The descriptions of each saved game were done by Mike Robbins.

1. Ansden Grove  

Description:  Here is one of Rob's few peep friendly parks. It is a nice looking park, but only the front half of the park map is used. A majority of the rest of the park seems filled in by trees and water. Bayside Comet is a small wooden coaster with a mere 55 foot drop. Perhaps in the future, Rob will complete the rest of the park. If so, it would make a much better creation.
Download | File Size: 96kb


2. Blue Dolphin Resort

Description:  Robert Stelling has been around the RCT community for some time now.  He is best known for making wide path parks as opposed to peep friendly parks.  Even though the parks cannot be enjoyed by the little peeps of the game, his parks are pleasing to the eye. The Blue Dolphin Resort is a wonderful double-mapper with great rides and themeing.  The park itself is spaced out, but land is used wisely.  It comes with a grand hotel, tennis courts, and plenty of gardens.  The only drawback about the first map is the repetitive use of the same flat rides and only one bridge crosses the river in the park.  But a good monorail system makes the park easy for any guest to access.  The best coaster on this map is called The Lizard, an Arrow Dynamics hyper coaster with 17 drops.

In the second map is much of the same as the first, but there are far more steel coasters.  The Disaster is a thrillin Bolliger & Mabillard floorless coaster with five inversions and a surprising twist at every turn.
Download | File Size: 324kb


3. Fair Heaven Falls
Description:  Fair Heaven Falls is another wide path park from Robert.  There is a good variety of themeing and coasters in this park, but lacks in variety of flat rides.  This park alone has six carousels, far too many.  There are also other flat rides used repetitively here.  Another flaw with this park is the constant warning messages of broken down rides not being fixed.  My favorite coaster though is called Psyclone, a twisting Harry Traver woodie.
Download | File Size: 165kb
4. Lake Texcoco  
Description:  Lake Texcoco is a joint park with New Element member, Elrocko. It is a good park with a lot of landscaping surrounding a giant lake. The big downfall with this park, and I have mentioned this in Robopark's previous works, is the lack of variety in his flat rides. This park alone has seven scrambled egg rides and five spiral slides. Perhaps in future parks, Rob will concentrate on variety. The best coaster in the park is Cometa Del Playa, a small yet effective twisting woodie.
Download | File Size: 147kb
5. Rocky Falls
Description:  Robert has always done parks with top notch theming, including this park.  But in Rocky Falls, there isn't enough of it.  Unfortunately, this park consists of mostly water and trees.  The land used in the park forms a big horse shoe shaped land plot leaving a long walk back to the main entrance for any tired guest.  But since Robert's parks are wide pathed anyway, this is not a big factor.  The land that he actually does use is used at its highest potential.  My favorite coaster here is called Wildthang and like its name, it's a wild and twisting Arrow Dynamics coaster with six inversions in a very compact area.  This park is also available in a Christmas version.
Download | File Size: 295kb
6. Silver Beach 1980
Description:  This park is the first of a series of parks that progress through the course of several years.  This explains why only half of the park is actually used here so additional rides can be expanded in the future.  The star of this park is the 1967 coaster called The Comet.  It is a classic wooden twister in a huge V-shaped design.  There are also many other rides and attractions in this park to see.  I'm looking forward to other expansions of this park when Robert releases them.
Download | File Size: 111kb
7. Tropico Lanzarote  
Description:  Much like Robert's other creations, Tropico Lanzarote is another traditional based park with wide paths, great coasters, and superb theming.  This park is set on a peninsula with a giant maze-like path system sure to confuse even the smartest peep.  But there is a good variation of rides and coasters here to keep the RCT park viewer happy.  The park's best coaster, The Sea Serpent is a Bolliger & Mabillard sit-down monster with seven inversions winding in and around the paths and gardens.
Download | File Size: 158kb
8. Two Flags Movieworld  
Description:  This is a large joint park consisting of six different members from Danimation and New Element. Instead of the areas blending together smoothly, the seem to clash noticeably. Beside that minor flaw, the park showcases some unusual coaster styles that seem to get the job done. The oddest of the bunch is an interesting pair of face off inverted coasters called Strider and Aragorn. They each have a reverse incline launch and twist around each other before returning to the station. This is a great overall park that displays each of the creators talents.
Download | File Size: 156kb
9. Two Flags Livingstone Fortress  
Description:  Two Flags Livingstone Fortress is one of Robert's better parks.  Surrounding a giant lake, this park has top notch theming and excelent coasters.  My favorite coaster is The Secret of Mt. Everlast.  It is a water coaster with some hacking allowing it to feature water drops as well as drops in the steel track.  This is a must download for those who are fans of the wide path park as well as single path park makers.
Download | File Size: 139kb
10. Two Flags Venice  
Description:  Venice is a popular tourist port in Italy famous for its inner city canals. This park, however, does not resemble the city at all. Most of the park consist of heavily wooded themed areas, which is Rob's trademark style. It is a nice park with plenty of coasters and rides. The Bullet is a corkscrew steel coaster with a taste of the Old West surrounding it. It is a well done coaster like the rest in this park.
Download | File Size: 136kb
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