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Rob Tonto's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Rob Tonto. All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by several of the RCT Station staff members.

1. Cedar Creek

Description:  This park was a contest park sent in by Rob. Although it didn't place in the top 3, it was one of the better entries for obvious reasons. The park itself is very well done and has some neat features that you don't see very much. The B&M Floorless coaster called Brushfire contains hacked supports and tunnels that look amazing. In this park you will also find a wooden coaster called Mountain Run. This ride is short, but sweet and has a very nice looking footpath and lights going up the hill. Pictured here is Brushfire.
Download | File Size: 114kb


2. Halloween Haven 
Description:  Halloween Haven is, of course, a special edition park, since the day I posted this was Halloween.  As for my review, it's a decent park, a few too many trees, and the overall color scheme was rather ugly, since everything seemed to look the same, with only a few exceptions.
Download | File Size: 168kb
3. Placid Forest Amusement Park   
Description:  Placid Forest Amusement Park is a fine example of all around great theming, coasters, and hacks.  Rob's most popular hack is his ability to place lights on the lift hill's of his coasters.  His best looking coaster is the dueling wooden coasters called Steel Racers.  Not only has Rob hacked the ride with the lights on the lift hill, but he also used track from the steel mini coaster placed on wooden coaster supports.  This dueler also has good synchronisation.  Rob also does a good job with his other many hacks throughout the park including a peep friendly double wide midway and his Raging Rapid River ride.  The next generation of great RCT park makers is here, and his name is Rob Balchunas.
Download | File Size: 180kb

4. Rudolph's Reign   
Description:  Rob has created a cool winter wonderland park he titles Rudolph's Reign.  Now there are some very fun coaster and scenery designs to be found in it, but by far the coolest coaster is Rudolph: The Red Nose Reindeer.  This ride gets an extreme rating over 11!  Now if you ask Ogre, that is pretty darn good. From what Ogre remembers reading in the accompanying word document, this park won in a RCT Station contest.  Overall this park is very cool and deserves to be checked out.
Download | File Size: 147kb

5. Timber Town USA
Description:  It is a traditional style amusement park that started in the 1950's. There is only one wooden coaster from that era, (there should have been at least two) but the one Rob made is a good example of coasters from that time period. It's a John Miller design called The Thunderbolt. It isn't the biggest or fastest coaster around, but this would be a great coaster to be set in the post-war era. This park isn't big on theming, but it is still an enjoyable look at how a good RCT park should look like.
Download | File Size: 414kb


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