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Spiderman's Saved Games

Here is a collection of parks done by Spiderman. All of the parks require Loopy Landscapes.  The descriptions of each saved game were done by the RCT Station staff.

1. Altan Bay

Description:  Spiderman has released an excellent park with Altan Bay. This isn't a crammed mega park, but a more casual work effort with six modest roller coasters. The best coaster in the park is the wooden twister called Silver Steed. It has a great layout with top speeds of 54 mph. Another great coaster is Blizzard, a non-looping steel twister with over 6,000 feet of track and a 9.86 excitement rating.
Download | File Size: 141kb


2. Kinnel Hills

Description:  Kinnel Hills is a true mega park. No land wasted, no land left empty. Plenty of rides can be found here. They are of great quality. The ice themeing in one of the corners of the park is absolutely great. A large hill is covered with snow trees, and a flume ride called the "Kinnel Hills Logging Company." Not only does it compliment the themeing nicely, it gets an awesome 7.85! The other coasters that reside in the park are also of good design. The hyper coaster "Orion" has a special feature; the whoa belly rides have been used to make better looking supports. Water divides all the themed zones, and it looks very nice. The themeing that is not seperated by water also transitions well.
Download | File Size: 167kb


3. Sacred Lands Theme Park
Description:  The theming in this park is a little unusual and annoying considering it covers the whole park, but others may like it. The coasters do make up for it though and interact well with the rest of the park.
Download | File Size: 224kb


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