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RCT Station Staff Joint Projects

This page is dedicated to those projects worked on by the RCT Station staff.  Getting a staff project park on this page requires at least three staff members to have a role in the construction of the park.  The reviews are done by Eric "Ogre" Lizotte, unless otherwise noted.

Station Park 2002
Description:  There is no doubt that teamwork pays off these days. And this is very true when it comes to Station Park, a joint park by the staff of RCT Station. Mike Robbins co-ordinated a team of staff members to build a great park indeed. You will find all sorts of treasures here. Probably one of Ogre's favorite coasters found in the park would have to be Dragon's Flight by none other than Batman Fan. This Vekoma flying coaster dives through castles and snow covered trees. Another cool one is the B&M steel twister coaster Bronco which was done by Mike Robbins. It has a great flowing layout in a wildwest theme. Last but not least Ogre enjoyed Escape from Gargoyle Gate by Kai Reichman. It is simply a unique water coaster that is fun to watch. Though Ogre didn't mention every single ride by far, be assured that everywhere you look is a surprise! This is for sure a great park!
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Hollywood Hills
Description:  The Ogre has said it many times before that Mike Robbins does an awesome job with the theme in his parks. With Hollywood Hills this is very much evident, however it is not only him. Here we have the talents of three other great RCT themers and ride designers at work. And wow, what a park! First off your eyes will never get tired. You will see visual things that will just blow your eyeballs out from your head! Not only is the theme good, but the rides are as well. This park is a movie park, so you know it must not only have beautiful scenery, but also great thrilling rides. You will not be disappointed here either. The rides are quite spectacular. Ogre likes them all. His favorites are Blazing Saddles, a wooden twister with a wild west theme by Kai Reichman; A Bugs Life, a wonderland themed mini steel by Mike Robbins; The Golden Child, a unique Vekoma shuttle coaster built by Kai Reichman; Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, two dueling inverted coasters done by Corkscrewed; Enter the Dragon, a cool Arrow corkscrew done by Mike Robbins; Indiana Jones Spectacular, a mine train done by Mick Diebold; Steel Raptor, a steel twister by Mike Robbins which is themed with a Jurassic park feel; and last but not least the river rapids ride. Everything is awesome. As you can see most of the rides Ogre loved!
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